Expert Resume/CV

John Murray
5 Autumn Lane
United States


Short Description:

A strategic manager of high integrity and creativity with a 35-year record of consistent success in furthering the goals and objectives of the organization through cross-functional management of strategic direction, policy development, operations, and financial management.  Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.

Areas of Concentration:
  • Financial Modeling & Budgeting
  • Strategic Management
  • Cultural Development & Management
  • Ethics Compliance
  • Liaison Development
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Planning, Research, & Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Union Relations, Negotiations, & Contract Administration

Town of Acton (1988 – 2013)

Treasurer/ Assistant Town Manager

Managers lead but do not operate in isolation.  Each accomplishment reflects the hard work of citizen volunteers, boards and committees, and staff members. 

  • Financial
    • Acted as Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Treasurer, and Tax Collector for the Town
    • Managed finances through four recessionary periods and three expansion periods.
    • Issued over $100 million of bonds and increased the Credit Rating of the Town four levels (A1-AAA)
    • Trustee of the Acton Health Insurance Trust
  • Labor/Employee Relations
    • Policy Development
    • Negotiated 18 Successor Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • Served as Grievance Hearing Officer
    • Participated in Grievance and Collective Bargaining Arbitration Hearings
    • 1st Successful Court Challenge of  Commonwealth of Massachusetts Joint Labor Management Commission Decision
  • Environmental
    • Closure and the reuse of the Town’s solid waste landfill
      • Removal of the landfill from United States Environmental Protection Agency contaminated site listing
    • Solar Power Generation
    • Creating a Solar Farm on the landfill (currently under construction), which will generate sufficient electricity to remove municipal buildings from fossil fuel generation sources.
    • Expanded Recycling efforts
    • Purchased Open Space and Recreation lands
    • Monitored and amended the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s and the Massachusetts’ remediation plans for the Acton W.R. Grace “superfund site”
  • Marketing
  • Redefined citizens as customers
  • Partnered with other municipalities, non- profit organizations and for profit organizations.
  • Developed a Regional Solid Waste Market and saved over $12 million
  • Passage of 12 Property Tax Overrides


Bryant University 1985-1987

  • Associate Professor of Finance
  • Maintained a full teaching load in:
    • Basic analytical skills and principles of corporate finance.
    • Functions of modern capital markets and financial institutions.
    • Standard techniques of analysis, including capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation, CAPM, and risk analysis.

Johnson & Wales University 1981-1986

  • Associate Professor of Finance and Hospitality Management
  • Taught Introductory courses in Finance and developed and implemented a capstone course offering for Hospitality Management students. 
  • The goal of the capstone course was to prepare students for the challenges of hospitality leadership.
  • It utilized the case method paradigm and required a class term project, which was presented to a faculty committee of departmental chairpersons. 
  • This single course represented a full semester academic load for seniors and became a graduation requirement

Westin International Hotels – Seattle Washington 1978 -1981

  • Assistant Comptroller – Wailea Maui
  • Participated in municipal impact fee negotiations, management systems development, employee hiring and training, including but not limited to a dedicated CERTA program, and operations management. 
  • The property exceeded all financial and operation goals except during the grounding of all DC -10s in 1979

Sheraton Hotels – Boston Massachusetts 1975-1978

  • Assistant General Manager – Sheraton Chicago
  • General Operations Management, including but not limited to security for both downtown Sheraton Holes and operating with seventeen bargaining units.  Negotiations were conducted on a city-wide basis rather than an individual hotel basis.
  • Financial Analyst – Sheraton Houston & Sheraton Plaza Chicago
  • Financial Analyst Trainee at the Philadelphia and Houston Hotels
  • Masters of Business  - Boston University
  • Baccalaureate of Science – Hotel Administration - Cornell University

Certificate Programs

  • Massachusetts Tier IV Program - JFK School of Government
  • Certificate of Special Study in Management - Harvard University Extension
Professional Memberships / Associations / Societies:
  • International City & County Managers Association
  • National League of Cities
  • Massachusetts Municipal Managers Association
  • Northeast Solid Waste Committee
  • Presidential Appointment to the Mass Municipal Association’s Labor Relations Committee
  • Cornell Hotel Society



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