Expert Resume/CV

Curt Baggett
908 Audelia Rd., Suite 200-121
United States


Short Description:

Over 25 years of expert witness experience - court qualified handwriting expert for forgeries - document examiner.


A forensic document examiner certified by the American Bureau of Document Examiners and the American Institute of Applied Science.

He is a skilled authority in handwriting identification and has examined over 2,000 cases from 1990- 2005. He has testified in court cases as a handwriting expert cases as a handwriting expert analysis.

A consultant document examiner for "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". and is the Dean of the School of Forensic Document Examination. He qualifies as an expert witness in Justice of the Peace, Munincipal, District, State, US District and Federal Bankrupcy Courts. His Laboratory Equipment is state of the Art with up to 30X magnification .

If you are a victim of a forgery or think you might be a victim of a forgery, he can help. with extensive 'in court' experience will assist you in winning those difficult cases, even if the evidence should speak for itself. His presentations of the handwriting samples, as well as logical and articulate descriptions of his findings make working with this expert easy.

He can guide you through the confusing and challenging process of proving a document (contract, check, will, signature card, etc) is a forgery. He has helped hundreds of people, corporations, and lawyers win their cases based on our expert testimony about a document in question. Even if your problem doesn't involve an attorney... knowing the truth about a signature can really set your mind at ease.

Actually, in over half of his cases, He never had to appear in front of a jury.. saving his clients hundreds of dollars in fees. Instead, because of his understanding of the law and the exhibits provided, the opposing attorney settles out of court... or drops the case all together.

He truly is an expert - expert witness.

Call him first for a quick overview of your case.

Fee Schedule:

Verbal Opinion: $295.00
Written Opinion: $295.00
Deposition: 200.00/hr
Testimony: perdiem $1000.00
Travel- actual expense.
Court Display $100.00/hr preparation