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Paul B. Hofmann
346 Rheem Blvd
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Dr. Paul Hofmann, president of the Hofmann Healthcare Group, Moraga, California, has worked in the health care field for over 45 years. For the past 25 years, he has devoted most of his time to assisting hospitals and health systems with accelerating their performance improvement efforts and writing, speaking, and consulting on ethical issues in health care. He also serves as an advisor to health care companies and as an expert witness.

In addition to various other appointments, he has held positions as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Alta Bates Corporation, a diversified nonprofit health care system in northern California; Executive Director of Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia; and Director of Stanford University Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto, California. Following his residency in hospital administration, he began his career at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. 

Dr. Hofmann is a Life Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a past member of its Leadership Advisory Committee, and for 19 years, he coordinated the annual two-day ethics seminar for the College. He is co-editor of Managing Ethically: An Executive's Guide, published in 2001 by Health Administration Press. A second edition, Managing Healthcare Ethically: An Executive's Guide, was published in 2010. A third edition, Managing Healthcare Ethically (consisting of three volumes), has been published recently. He is also co-editor of Management Mistakes in Healthcare: Identification, Correction, and Prevention, published in 2005 by Cambridge University Press. 

Dr. Hofmann serves on the American Hospital Association Quest for Quality Prize Committee, the Joint Commission's International Standards Advisory Panel, and the board of the Education Development Center. He is also a co-founder of the Alliance for Global Clinical Training and on its board. He is a past board member of MedShare International and a current member of its Western Region Council. In addition, Dr. Hofmann is a co-founder of Operation Access, past board chairman, and a current member of its Advisory Council. In 2009, he received the American Hospital Association's Award of Honor for his "central role in shaping the field's understanding of health care ethics." In 2012, he was one of eight national recipients of the Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award. 

An author or co-author of over 200 publications, Dr. Hofmann, has held faculty appointments at Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, Emory, and the University of California. His Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health (Hospital Administration), and Doctor of Public Health (Health Policy and Administration) degrees are from the University of California, Berkeley.


    1994        Doctor of Public Health
                    University of California
                    School of Public Health
                    Berkeley, California

    1965        Master of Public Health
                    University of California
                    School of Public Health
                    Berkeley, California

    1963         Bachelor of Science
                    University of California
                    School of Public Health    
                    Berkeley, California


9/05 –       President
                        Hofmann Healthcare Group
                        Moraga, California

    1/01 –     9/05            Provenance Health Partners
                        Moraga, California

    1/00 – 12/00            President
                        Hofmann Healthcare Group
                        San Francisco, California

    6/97 – 12/99            Senior Vice President
                        Healthcare Industry Practice
                        Aon Consulting
                        San Francisco, California
    9/94 - 6/97        Senior Consultant
                    Strategic Health Care Practice
                    Alexander & Alexander Consulting Group (acquired by Aon)
                    San Francisco, California

        2/93 -    7/97        Distinguished Visiting Scholar
                        Stanford University
                        Center for Biomedical Ethics
                        Palo Alto, California

        6/92 - 1/95         Consultant
                        Health Care Unit
                        Alexander & Alexander
                        San Francisco, California

        2/93 - 7/94        Senior Fellow
                        Stanford University Hospital
                        Stanford, California

        6/91 - 6/92        Consultant
                        Alta Bates Corporation
                        Emeryville, California

         9/87 - 6/91        Executive Vice President and
                    Chief Operating Officer
                        Alta Bates Corporation
                        Emeryville, California

        1/78 - 9/87        Executive Director
                        Emory University Hospital
                        Atlanta, Georgia

        1/78 - 9/87        Associate Professor
                        Department of Community Health
                        Emory University School of Medicine
                        Atlanta, Georgia

        4/74 - 1/78        Director
                        Stanford University Hospital and Clinics
                        Stanford, California

        9/72 - 1/78        Lecturer 
                        Department of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine
                        Stanford University Medical School
                        Stanford, California        
        6/72 - 4/74        Deputy Director
                        Stanford University Hospital
                        Stanford, California
        6/70 - 6/72        Associate Administrator
                        San Antonio Community Hospital
                        Upland, California

        4/70 - 6/72        Lecturer in Hospital Administration
                        University of California, Los Angeles
                        School of Public Health
                        Los Angeles, California

        3/69 - 6/70        Assistant Administrator
                        San Antonio Community Hospital
                        Upland, California

        7/68 - 3/69        Instructor in Computer Applications
                        Harvard University
                        School of Public Health
                        Boston, Massachusetts

        7/68 - 3/69        Assistant Director
                        Laboratory of Computer Science
                        Massachusetts General Hospital
                        Boston, Massachusetts

        7/66 - 7/68        Research Associate in Hospital Administration
                         Laboratory of Computer Science
                        Massachusetts General Hospital
                        Boston, Massachusetts

        1/66 - 7/66        Administrative Resident
                        Thayer Hospital
                        Waterville, Maine

        7/65 - 1/66        Administrative Resident
                        New England Medical Center Hospitals
                        Boston, Massachusetts

        7/64 - 9/64        Administrative Assistant
                        Kaiser Foundation Hospital
                        Oakland, California

        7/63 - 7/64        Administrative Intern
                        Herrick Memorial Hospital
                        Berkeley, California


Alliance for Global Clinical Training – Co-founder, Board of Trustees (2014 - )
    Alumni Association, Graduate Program in Health Management, University of California,
        Berkeley (1965- ) Past President 
    American College of Healthcare Executives (Life Fellow) - Education Committee (1976-1979),
Nominating Committee (1979-1984), Ethics Committee (1992-1993), Leadership Advisory Committee (1994-2002), Judging Committee for Hill-Rom Management Essay Competition in Healthcare Administration (2001), Code of Ethics Task Force (2002-2003), author of Ethical Policy Statement on “Ethical Issues Related to a Reduction in Force,” principal author of Ethics Self-Assessment document (published annually since 1997 in Healthcare Executive), coordinator of annual two-day ethics seminar for 19 years, consultant in healthcare management ethics (1994- )
    American Hospital Association - Council on Research and Development (Chairman
        1976-1978), Special Committee on Biomedical Ethics (Chairman 1983-1985), Advisory Committee on Biomedical Ethics (Chairman 1986-1988), Governing Council for Section on Metropolitan Hospitals (1987-1989), Institutional Practices Committee (1988-1990), Technical Panel on Biomedical Ethics (1989-1993, Chairman 1992-1993), Committee on Education and Programs for Section for Health Care Systems (1990-1992), Organizational Ethics Task Force (1995-1997), Circle of Life Awards Committee (1999- 2004), Quest for Quality Prize Criteria Work Group (2004), AHA Quest for Quality Prize Committee 
        (2004- )
    American Medical Association - Work Group on Evaluation, Assessment and Control, Health
        Policy Agenda for the American People (1983-1986)
    American Physical Therapy Association - Committee on Accreditation in Education (1981),
        Advisory Council on Physical Therapy Education (1983-1986)
    Association of Schools of Public Health – DrPH Concepts Identification and Specification Task Force (2008)
    California AIDS Leadership Subcommittee on Health Care Financing and Service Issues
    California Hospital Association – Committee on Hospital Licensure (1974), Committee on Insurance (1975)
    Carter Center Task Force for Health Policy (1983-1987)
    Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, University of Chicago - National Advisory Board
         (Chairman 1985-1990)
Council of Teaching Hospitals - Representative of American Hospital Association to Association of American Medical Colleges Assembly (1979-1981)
    Duke University Department of Health Administration - Board of Visitors (1983-1985)
Education Development Center - Bioethics Advisory Board for Decisions Near the End of Life (1987-1993), Board of Trustees (2011- ), Finance and Management Committee (2012- ), Executive Committee (2013-2015), Trusteeship Committee (2016- )
    Georgia Hospital Association - Council on Nursing (Chairman 1980-1982), Strategic Planning
        Committee (1983-1984), North Central District Executive Committee (1984-1986)
    Georgia State University Institute of Health Administration - Preceptor (1980-1987)
    Greater Atlanta Coalition on Health Care, Inc. - Data Project Committee (Vice Chairman
    Hastings Center – Bioethics Advisory Board for Decisions Near the End of Life (1987-1993)
    Healthcare Executives Study Society – President 2002 (1984- )
    HealthCPA Advisory Board (2011-2014)
    Health Research and Educational Trust – Senior Fellow (2009-2012)
    Hospital Community Benefit Standards Program - National Steering Committee (1989-1992)
    Healthcare Research and Development Institute (1984-1992)
    Hospital Research and Educational Trust - Advisory Council (Chairman 1976-1978)
    International Bioethics Institute - Board of Directors (1991-1995)
Joint Commission International - Standards Subcommittee (2006-2011), Standards Advisory Panel (2012- )
    Lumetra Medicare Mediation Advisory Group (2004-2005)
MedShare International – Board of Trustees (2007-2014), Executive Committee (2008-2012), MedShare West Regional Council (2007- ), Board of Trustees Nominating and Governance Committee (2010-2014), Programs Committee (Chairman 2012-2014)
    National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies - Advisory Committee (1984-1986)
    National Eagle Scout Association
    New Century Healthcare Institute - Board of Directors (1995 – 2002, Chairman 1997- 2002)
    On Lo


Editorial Boards:

        (1988-1992), (1994-1998)
    HEALTH PROGRESS (1981- 2001)
    HOSPITAL ETHICS (1985-1995)
    MANAGED CARE OUTLOOK (1989-1991)

Honors / Awards:

Recipient of the Robert S. Hudgens Memorial Award for the Young Hospital Administrator of
        the Year in 1976, sponsored by American College of Hospital Administrators and Alumni Association, School of Hospital Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University
Recipient of the1982 Cover Story Award from Computers in Hospitals for "Hospital Computer Planning: Beyond Rhetoric"
    U.S. Delegate to the International Seminar for Administrators, initiated in 1975 and sponsored by King Edward's Hospital Fund for London (selected 1975 through 1983)    
    Distinguished Visiting Faculty Member, Intensive Colloquy on Biomedical Ethics for Health Care Executives, June 11-16, 1989, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
    Recipient of the American College of Healthcare Executives 1999 Senior Level Executive Regent’s Award    
    Recipient of 2004 Distinguished Leadership Award from the University of California Graduate Program in Health Management Alumni Association
    Recipient of 2009 Award of Honor from the American Hospital Association
    Recipient of 2012 Schweitzer Leadership Award from the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship


Military Service:

U.S. Army, Active Duty, February - August 1959. Active Reserve until November 1962 as a medical corpsman (reserve obligation completed)


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