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Product liability can mean a defective product that has caused you a injury or an illness. Product liability encompasses a number of legal claims that allow an injured party to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer or seller of a product.

Executive Expert Witnesses:

East Setauket, NY, US

MedProductsLaw® Inc

Over 30 years experience in/with Medical Devices, Incident Investigations, ICU Monitors , FDA / Joint Commission compliance, Electrosurgery Equipment, Medical Equipment Servicing, Infusion Devices, Biomedical Engineering, Anesthesia Machines, Clinical Engineering, Telemetry, Patient Safety

Los Gatos, CA, US

Blue Silk Consulting

Ms. Coates is the President of Blue Silk Consulting. She is a seasoned executive with an MBA, 25+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Project Management and ERP Systems Consulting. Ms. Coates has consulted with global and domestic clients on systems and processes. She has considerable international experience and has worked for extended periods in Asia and Europe. She has extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing and outsourcing in China. She has authored an Top Seller book: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China. (Oct, 2009)

Lago Vista, TX, US

Loeffler Engineering Group

47 Years Expertise, Belt Conveyor and Bulk Materials Handling Systems Design, 20 years of Forensic Engineering experience, Personal Injury, Conveyor Fires, Product Liability, Restraint of Trade, & Real Estate Asset Appraisal.

Seattle, WA, US

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute

Vernon M Neppe  MD, PhD.  Fellow Royal Society (SAf): Internationally respected, experienced, published neuropsychiatrist, behavioral neurologist, psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, epilepsy specialist, researcher, neuroscientist, neuropharmacologist and objective nationally retained  forensic specialist (civil: plaintiff / defense), author and public speaker.

Professional Expert Witnesses:

San Luis Obispo, CA, US

Harrell & Associates

Human Factors expert, specializing in accidents involving children and adolescents. Negligent supervision, inadquate warnings, product liability.

Gulf Shores, AL, US

Medicolegal Consulting

- Medical malpractice - Medical chart review and issue clarification - Workers compensation - Pharmaceutical product liability - Health care law - Nursing home negligence

Tallahassee, FL, US

S. Melville McCarthy, P.E.

30 years experience as a machine design and forensic engineer.

Olathe, KS, US

D.J. O'Brien & Associates, Inc.

EW #367 is currently in his twentieth year of evaluating drug and chemical adverse health effects cases for causation and adequacy of warnings.

Ormond Beach, FL, US

C6 Consulting

Claim professional with extensive property/casualty insurance knowledge and experience. Background combines leadership, management, technical claim knowledge, planning, finance, and systems design/development/implementation. Participated in and implemented business and staff reorganization and reduction in staff where applicable. Successful in all lines of handling from adjuster to management. Extensive experience in the areas of coverage determination and disputes, primarily in the commercial property and casualty arena. Completed audits of insurance claim files to insure company compliance to their own standards as well as the state in which they operate.

Melrose Park, IL, US

Bodycote Polymer - Broutman Laboratory

Bodycote Polymer is a materials technology consulting firm and laboratory specializing in failure analysis of plastic components and products, polymer analysis, and product development.

Homosassa, FL, US

Engineering Associate Services

Over 30 years of experience in Mechanical / Structural Engineering. Involved in several litigation cases utilizing Technical Expertise.

Saint Paul, MN, US

Adherent Laboratories, Inc.

Adherent Laboratories is a full service adhesives and materials R&D laboratory. Every chemist has over 30 years of industry experience.

Lubbock, TX, US



Santa Rosa, CA, US

Read Consulting LLC

Over 25 years of industrial experience and working with attornies and insurance companies in the areas of product liability, failure analysis, patent disputes and glass fracture.

Bixby, OK, US

Thompson Mechanical Associates

40+ Years experience as a Mechanical Engineer dealing with all manner of machinery and vehicles.

Lake Worth, FL, US

Over 30 years experience. Most credentialed indivdual in the US. Available for all aspects of orthotics/prosthetics cases.

Cambridge, MA, US

National Law, Medicine And Psychiatry Consultants

25 years of patient care and forensic consultation as a distinguished patient care-focused clinician and as senior clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School.  He is co-Director of the Program in Psychiatry & the Law, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Principal Mentor for students at Harvard Medical School.

La Mesa, CA, US

Error Analysis, Inc.

Comprehensive expert services including accident investigation and reconstruction, written and oral reports, research of applicable codes and standards, and in support of litigation.

Fort Worth, TX, US

Burl Daniel Associates

Insurance Expert Witness; Plaintiff and Defendant consultation. Insurance agency principal 24 years; 32 years Property & Casualty insurance experience

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Ithaca, NY, US

American Consulting Group, LLC

40+ years of expertise. Nationally known expert on (1) Marketing & Sales, (2) Economic loss, (3) Patents, trade secrets & copyrights, (4) Market research, (5) Distributors, dealers, agents & reps.  Expert witness for 55 cases with 43 written reports, 17 depositions, 3 jury trials and 3 arbitration hearings.  My legal references are outstanding

Charlottesville, VA, US

University Of Virginia

EW #775 qualifies in the areas of accident prevention and safety, accessibility, ADA issues, personal injury related to medical equipment, and professional/product liability.

Evanston, IL, US

KHB Consulting Services

Chemical specialty products experience, specializing in paint & coatings, industrial chemicals, household chemicals, aerosols, hazardous materials, labels & warnings, laboratory testing and analysis.

Strakville, MS., US

Timber Technology Authority

EW #2894 provides consultation, investigation, identification, testing, analysis, and expert testimony for wood-based product design, production, application, performance, and construction.

Conroe, TX, US

Cam Cope Consulting

EW #1459 BS, CFEI is a proven professional in the evaluation and investigation of vehicle related injuries and defects.

Oakland, CA, US

National Services

25+ years in the elevator / escalator industry. Expert witness; consulting; inspections; specification drafting and enforcement; construction compliance; code issues; failure analysis

Newbury, OH, US


EW #858 has 45 years expertise in engineering, accident reconstruction, lemon law inspection and testimony and provides design, consulting and custom manufacturing of small boats.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US

Dr. Teri Stockham, Ph.D., Inc.

Nationally recognized expert in postmortem and impairment toxicology. Expertise includes the analysis and interpretation of ethanol, drugs and poisons in biological specimens.

Morrisville, PA, US


Property Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Reinsurance Underwriting, Bad Faith, Claims expert witness, Litigation Support, Arbitration, Mediation

Annapolis, MD, US

Trident Engineering Associates, Inc.

EW #2234 provides assistance on-site, anywhere, anytime, in performing: ***[***[Engineering]****]**** Investigations, Reliability and Failure Analysis, General ***[***[Engineering]****]**** and Legal Assistance.

Sarasota, FL, US

Food, Drug, Chemical Services

Over 35 years experience of trial experience, Biomedical Science, Toxicology and Regulatory Compliance for Drugs, Biologics, Diagnostics and Pesticides. Well-versed in Drug and Medical Product Development, licensing, patents and acquisitions.

Springfield, TN, US

Graves And Associates, Inc.

14 years of electrical/electronic product design, testing, and forensic analysis in the automotive and aerospace industry. He has a BSEE, MSEE, and a PE license.

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Board certified academically published forensic neuropsychiatrist. Expertise in brain injury, stroke, neurotoxicology, acute/chronic pain, dementia, alcohol & substance abuse, gambling addiction.

Corvallis, OR, US

Hayes & Associates, Inc.

Our core expertise is injury biomechanics, i.e. relating injurious forces and motions to tolerance limits for high-risk anatomic regions.

Great Neck, NY, US

Dr. C. J. Abraham, Director - U.S. And Canada

35 years of international experience in safety, personal injury, products liability, warnings, human factors and manufacturing.

Briarwood, NY, US

Michael T. Lubov

Specializing in the review of product liability claims, identification, analysis and catagorizing hazards, misuses,misapplications of the product, the manufacturing process or the material involved.

Richmond, CA, US

Richard A. Rubenstein, M.D.

Litigation support services to legal counsel, including case evaluations, medical records review, written reports, and expert testimony.

Ft Walton Beach, FL, US

Matrix Engineering

Extensive experience involving electrical designs and failures. Twenty years practice as a technical manager performing the analysis of electrical failures resulting in loss.

Double Oak, TX, US

Consulting Service To Management

30 years of manufacturing experience and has served internationally as an expert witness in manufacturing operations and materials supply management litigation.

New York, NY, US

R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc.

Nearly 50 years experience in microwave heating and product and process development; holder of nearly 30 U.S. microwave patents; renown lecturer on microwave topics.

Louisville, KY, US

Heath And Associates

40 years Expert services and forensic engineering for lifts, hoists, jacks, machines, material handling.

Livermore, CA, US

Boster, Kobayashi & Associates

30 years expertise in accident reconstruction including automobile, motorcycles, seat belts, airbags, human factors, slip and falls, material failure, metallurgy, tires and wheels, roadway and high way design.

Kingsford, MI, US

Consolidated Research, Inc

Expert Witness - Analytical Forensic Examiner - Coatings Expert

Hayward, CA, US

Bridgeway Corporation

They are experts in all facets of investor/broker relations with additional expertise in compliance, Asset Protection and securities arbitration.

Miami, FL, US

Bevron Consulting Group, Inc.

25 years expert experience in all matters of operation and risk management skating / bowling.

Yorba Linda, CA, US

Sharp & Associates

Provides insurance industry related services including: Expert witness testimony, Appraisal, Umpire and Mediation services, and Consultation. Background & Qualifications: He has over 36 years experience in insurance management and multi-line property and casualty insurance issues and claim handling.

Knoxville, TN, US

John C. Hungerford, Ph.D. & Associates

I have provided expert witness services to attorneys for more than 20 years. I also provide human factors engineering/ergonomics/safety consultation to industry.

Evesham, NJ, US

45 Years Experience in Insurance Consulting and Expert Witness

Atherton, CA, US

Consulting Engineer - Medical Products

Over 35 years experience - all aspects of medical devices; Broad range of products; 39 patents; PI, PL & IP; Landmark cases; Plaintiff/defense; Seasoned, successful, affable; Impeccable references.

Culver City, CA, US

Forensic Case Consultants

Multi-srvc Forensic med-legal consltng firm. Specialize in neurological, psychological and most injry clms. Primary srvce: Attorney work products,Neuropsych tsting, and Life Care Planning.

Columbus, OH, US

Engineering And Management Consulting

Analyzes accident scenarios, causes of system failure and human behavior in complex situations.

San Diego, CA, US

Lawrence Kamm

EW #452 has his P.E. and ss an expert witness his engineering analysis has won two million-dollar lawsuits. Available for depositions, and court testimonies.

Southlake, TX, US

Traction Plus, Inc.

12 years Slip Trip and Fall Expert, noted lecturer and published author.

Northville, MI, US

Rolland L. Stapleton & Associates

Certified Professional Constructor, Arbitrator & Mediator with AAA, Certified Professional Estimator, 30 + Years experience, over $1 Billion work successfully in place without litigation.

West Warwick, RI, US

CPC Plastics,Inc.

A multidiscipline Plastics Consulting and Expert resource structured to serve the most challenging needs of fast pace environment by providing the right expert each time.

San Francisco, CA, US

The Children's Psychological Health Center, Inc.

Over 35 years, forensic child psychiatry expert providing testimony regarding childhood psychological trauma on over 110 trials and 225 depositions.

Honolulu, HI, US

Paradise Medical-Legal Consulting

Expert works for a national consulting service specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, toxic torts, environmental cases, workers' compensation and criminal law cases.

Houston, TX, US

Biomedical Engineering Consultants

25 yrs experience w/medical equipment,Registered and Certified engineer. Director, Biomedical Engineering Dpt., Chairman technical standrads committees, Receipient FDA Commissioner Special Citation.

San Francisco, CA, US

Litigation Economics, LLC

EW #557's experience includes providing economic damage assessments in over 130 cases. He has courtroom and deposition testimony experience in commercial and tort cases.

Oxnard, CA, US

Richard Masters Insurance Services, Inc.

Insurance industry standards, agents, underwriters and claims practices


Michigan Metrology, LLC

25 years of engineering experience, specializing in 3D and 2D surface analysis and instrumentation. Participated in cases involving patent infringement, optics, biomedical engineering and material science.

Willowbrook, IL, US

Product Safety Expert with such products as Ladders, Windows, Doors, Awnings, Mobile Homes, etc.

Marion, OH, US

Dietrich Consulting

14 years, I worked as the Manager of Product Engineering, Door - Roll up

Arlington, TX, US

21st Century Forensic Animations

21st Century Forensic Animations creates sophisticated 3-D computer animations for Trial Litigators. Since 1989, we have utilized science and technology to help you communicate. Call for free DVD.

St. Joseph, MO, US

Merrifield Safety Consulting LLC

Industry leader in Safety, Safe Use, Safe design, Standards, Regulations, Warnings, Training and Litigation involving construction machinery.

Colleyville, TX, US

Quantum Leap Solutions

Founder and Principal Consultant. Risk & insurance management consulting, for companies worldwide.

Crescent City, CA, US

Succor Consulting LLC.


Austin, TX, US

Miller Engineering Services

Experienced professional electrical engineer providing Electrical, Construction, Electrocution, Power Line Contact forensic investigations and laboratory testing.

Verona, WI, US

Charles E. Dorgan, PE

Over 100 cases broad experience with air-conditioning, heating, process and refrigeration

Boulder, CO, US

Richard Mintzer Associates LLC

EW #2655 has 30 years experience as a General Agent for several of the leading Property and Casualty Insurers in the U.S, as well as overseas, and qualifies as an expert on most insurance issues

Malvern East, VICTORIA, US

Toxikos Pty Ltd

EW #1082 is a certified toxicologist (Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology)

Long Branch, NJ, US

Raymond A. Syms & Associates

EW #2774 offers Aviation Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Exton, PA, US

Chesmont Engineering Co., INC.

Nearly 30 yrs. Design, construction, installation of industrial process heating systems.

Jacksonville, FL, US

E4 Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Eason combines experience from academia, industry, and consulting to address a variety of engineering and forensic subjects.

Skokie, IL, US

Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.

Forensic investigations and litigation support ranging from the devastation of terrorist explosion to seismic structural damage, construction collapse and materials failure.

Rochester, NY, US

Nelson Design

Fuel Gas and Related Products - 35 Years Hands-On Experience - Investigation, Consulting and Testimony

San Antonio, TX, US

National Forensic Engineers, Inc.

Over 30 years experience in design of commercial structures. Experience in slip, trip, and fall cases. NATIONAL FORENSIC ENGINEERS, INC. has been engaged in more that 3000 cases.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US

Interior Specifications

Board Certified Forensic Examiners and Forensic Engineers-Technologists in floor failure analysis, slip, trip and fall causation. Floor covering industry expert in materials and design of remediation.

Encino, CA, US

AR Tech Forensic Experts Inc.

Consulting Engineer. Reg. Prof. Engineer (CA), Lic. Mech Eng (CA), Lic. Eng. Contractor (CA). Expert Witness. 21 years Engineering /Accident Reconstruction. 3000+ Investigations. Testified 200+ cases

Pittsburgh, PA, US

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc.

25 years of experience in the mechanical design and analysis of structures, machinery, and facilities.

Houston, TX, US

Trident Marine Safety Associates

35 years expertise in marine claims, litigation support, and expert services.

Sarasota, FL, US

M.B. Pasternack & Associates, Inc

Expert witness. Recognized coating expert specializing in chemicals, paints, coatings, polymers, plastics, failure analysis, laboratory testing, manufacturing, safety, product and process defects.

West Chester, PA, US

Structure Probe, Inc.

EW #1214 specializes in investigations of polymers, metals, ceramics and other areas of materials.

Rochester, NY, US

Induction Consultants Inc.

50 yrs experience in induction heating, Author of the industry text.

Ithaca, NY, US

Glass & Ceramics Fracture Safety

NY firm on glass, ceramic fracture, failure, safety. Expert witness, consulting on, stress analysis, manufacturing, tempering, and defect elimination, polarimetry, SIGU design , and laminated glass.

Watkins Glen, NY, US

Glass Fracture Analytical

Experts in glass products liability.

Birmingham, AL, US

Has staff and maintains contact with highly qualified engineers and other professionals who available for consulting in a wide array of technical areas.

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Gomer Consulting Group

27 years of experience in product design and manufacturing, premises design and maintenance, and accepted safety practices and accident prevention methods.

Weatherford, TX, US

The A.B.N.T. Group

Expert witness experience in State and Federal Courts. Experience in Fire and Building Code Consulting. Have served on advisory and technical committees for both fire and building code developement.

Colorado Springs, CO, US

GA International, Inc. (GAI)

Analyse crash survivability based on biomechanical parameters with primary interest in children, and infants. Assess cause and affect "the physics" of a crash.

Houston, TX, US

Lewis Bauerlein, Barry Richard, Bob Swint, Or Stephanie Thiem

EW #3835 has been providing litigation support in accident reconstruction for over 29 years. From initial investigation, through the process to final courtroom testimony, our highly qualified staff has assisted in hundreds of successful projects.

Lutz, FL, US

Toxicologist experienced as both defense and plaintiff expert witness.

Westerville, OH, US


We provide expert services including data review, case analysis, document review, case development, expert reports and testimony to assist lawyers.

Neshanic Station, NJ, US

Extrusion Engineers

19 years as a consultant in the field of plastic processing, 40 years experience in developing polymer defect technology, 15 years in developing the field of plastic and polymer coefficient of friction related to the feed section of the extruder.

East Norwich, NY, US

Interactive Consulting, Inc.

30+ years of experience in the Specialty Chemical and Allied industries and is a recognized expert.

Boulder, CO, US

University Of Colorado

EW #1047 Is an expert consultant on corporate governance, valuation, and litigation support.

New York, NY, US

Integral Research, Inc.

EW #5675 is a PhD economist, provides expert analysis and testimony to both plaintiff and defense counsel. She produces lost earnings estimates and critiques, and provides statistical testing in di

Nationwide, , US

We'll find you the best expert and the search is FREE OF COST. We're a seasoned expert services firm that delivers superior experts through custom search, with unrivaled accuracy.

Sacramento, CA, US

Benchmark Medical Consultants, Inc.

Since 1988 we have provided turnkey support services for our nationwide network of 1,400 accredited, board-certified physicians covering more than 250 medical specialties.

Olyphant, PA, US

Tom Sawchak 's Action Inc Of Pennsylvania

Experienced national tested medical/vocational expert-20years,over $10million case awards in last 2 years analysis

San Diego, CA, US

Ivey Engineering, Inc.

An engineering consulting firm specializing in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and process piping. Comprised of professional engineers, construction executives and service and repair professionals.

Dallas, TX, US

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.

Ph.D., PE 35 years experience as metallurgical engineering consultant, product failure analysis, expert witness with over 225 depositions and 65 court appearances.

Raymond, NH, US

Aerosol Technical Solutions, LLC

26 Years of AEROSOL INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. ATS provides: technical consulting, product failure analysis, & expert witness services.

Houston, TX, US

1st Online Malpractice Consultations

Board Certified Physicians and Attorneys provide online medical malpractice consultation, referrals, and support services for patients, attorneys and adjusters.

Bartlett, TN, US

Investigative Services Companies, LLC

Over 30 years experience in the fire/explosion field. Currently conducts investigation nationwide for insurance companies, attorneys and private individuals.

Bayside, NY, US

National Medical Consultants, P.C.

We are the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the nation.

Tucson, AZ, US

Acorn Consulting Services

EW #886 capacity solution provider for your Advanced Technology - Mission Critical industrial or institutional facility.

Lombard, IL, US

B.D. Agarwal & Associates, Ltd.

Extensive experience and expertise in materials and engineering consulting. Written three books and numerous technical papers. Hold US Patents. Teach failure analysis courses.

Baltimore, MD, US

SPA, Inc.

EW #2274 is a Registered Professional Engineer (safety), Certified Safety Professional, and Master's Level Psychologist specializing in Technical aspects of Applied Human Factors Engineering and Safety.

Clinton Township, MI, US

Ernest Chiodo, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.B.A., C.I.H.

Ernest P. Chiodo, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.B.A., C.I.H. is a physician, attorney, industrial hygienist, industrial toxicologist and biomedical engineer licensed to practice medicine in New York, Michigan, and Illinois as well as law in Michigan and Illinois.   Former Medical Director Detroit Health Department. (Physician, attorney, epidemiologist, toxicologist, certified industrial hygienist.)

West Warwick, RI, US

Mr. / Clinton P. Cowen

A multidiscipline Plastics Consulting and Expert resource structured to serve the most challenging needs of fast pace environment by providing the right expert each time.

Austin, TEXAS, US

SafeMachines, PLLC

Peer-reviewed publications and over twenty years of experience with computer-controlled machines, factory automation, IP, patents and robotics

Dana Point, CA, US

Hornick & Associates

Human Factors and Ergonomics Specialist

Los Altos, CA, US

The Chatham Group

Silicon Valley: Electronics, Semiconductors, Computer Hardware, Software, Telecommunications, Office Automation, Communications, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Industry Custom and Practice.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Pasadena, CA, US

ForensisGroup, Inc.

The Experts of Experts since 1991! Forensic Business - Construction - Engineering - Medical - Scientific - All Professional and Technical Disciplines.

Unionville, CT, US

Innovative Safety, LLC

EW #2512 offers consulting and expert witness experience in Fall Protection; Active and Passive Fall Arrest Systems Expert

Walnut Creek, CA, US

Elevator & Escalator Consulting Group, LLC

Over 33 years of work experience "solely" in the elevator/escalator industry. This practice provides elevator/escalator consulting and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Richardson, TX, US

MG Edible Oil Consulting International

37 years expertise in oil and fats processing, frying processes and oil related fires and burns.

Covington, LOUISIANA, US

Performance Analysis

Forensics, Engineering and Business Process Improvement. Performance Analysis routtinely works as expert witness on a wide variety of forensics, accident reconstruction, equipment failure analysis, and other engineering-related topics. We strive to put all the right tools in the hands of our clients so that they will have all the right data they need to make informed decisions on how to best handle their cases.

Henderson, NEVADA, US

CASE Forensics

For 15 years, Amy has performed criminal and civil origin and cause investigations of fires and explosions. These investigations have represented owners, tenants, commercial building managers, insurance companies, attorneys, contractors, and others, including multi-party examinations, in claim amounts exceeding 15 million dollars. She has extensive experience in vehicle fires, chimney/flue, firebox/wood stove fires, and equipment and product failures/liability.

Cincinnati Area, OHIO, US

Herbert Roberts Consulting

Overview Herbert Roberts investigates a wide variety of mechanical and structural failure issues, including workplace injuries involving machinery, engines, and structural failures. Mr. Roberts holds Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Business Administration in International business, and holds 14 US patents related to engine design. For 25 years Mr. Roberts worked in the automotive design, manufacturing & repair industry; the aircraft design, manufacturing & repair industry; and the marine design, manufacturing & repair industry.  Mr. Roberts specializies in trailer and towing related accidents; engines design and testing; air frame, marine, and automotive metallic and composite based structures; plus impact analysis, accident recreation, and root cause analysis. Mr. Roberts is a skilled teacher and has trained thousands of professionals in advanced engineering skills, six sigma quality methods, and systematic innovation skills in various global venues.


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More Details:

Product liability can mean a defective product that has caused you a injury or an illness. Product liability encompasses a number of legal claims that allow an injured party to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer or seller of a product.

In the United States, the claims most commonly associated with product liability are negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and various consumer protection claims. The majority of product liability laws are determined at the state level and vary widely from state to state. Each type of product liability claim requires different elements to be proven to present a successful claim.

Products liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause.