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Medical ethics is the discipline of evaluating the merits, risks, and social concerns of activities in the field of medicine.

Medical ethics shares many principles with other branches of healthcare ethics, such as nursing ethics.

Ethical thinkers have suggested many methods to help evaluate the ethics of a situation. These methods provide principles that doctors should consider while decision making.

Chairman Expert Witnesses:

Medford, NY, US

PRC Professional Records Consulting

Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review

Executive Expert Witnesses:

Seattle, WA, US

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute

Vernon M Neppe  MD, PhD.  Fellow Royal Society (SAf): Internationally respected, experienced, published neuropsychiatrist, behavioral neurologist, psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, epilepsy specialist, researcher, neuroscientist, neuropharmacologist and objective nationally retained  forensic specialist (civil: plaintiff / defense), author and public speaker.

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Cambridge, MA, US

National Law, Medicine And Psychiatry Consultants

25 years of patient care and forensic consultation as a distinguished patient care-focused clinician and as senior clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School.  He is co-Director of the Program in Psychiatry & the Law, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Principal Mentor for students at Harvard Medical School.

Salt Lake City, UT, US

The University Of Utah College Of Health Division Of Physical Therapy

EW #14016 is a responsible expert witness, with over 17-years of experiencee in the health care profession with both clinical and educational expertise.

Jersey City, NJ, US

Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LLC

A "Distinguished Fellow" of the American Psychiatric Association; Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry

Phoenix, AZ, US

Cardiac, Vascular, Endovascular, Thoracic, General Surgery  34 years private practice experience

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Oley, PA, US


EW #13617 is a full-time ER doctor with over 52,000 hours of ER experience, and an experienced expert witness, having testified for both sides in civil and criminal cases since 1990.

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Board certified academically published forensic neuropsychiatrist. Expertise in brain injury, stroke, neurotoxicology, acute/chronic pain, dementia, alcohol & substance abuse, gambling addiction.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Bronston Expert Consultant

National Chairman, Ethics Committee of the American College of Medical Quality, Emergency Medicine and Medical Consulting Services.

Griffin, GA, US

Risk & Causation for Environmental/Occupational Health, Chemical/Biological Exposure, Toxicology & Epidemiology. Board Certified Toxicologist.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Plastic Surgeon & Attorney. M.D., Johns Hopkins. Former Medical School Chief. Superb credentials, articulate. Case review, litigation support, expert witness testimony for plaintiff or defense.

Crestwood, KY, US

Vaughn Veterinary Services, Inc.

EW #5016 is a full member of the Ky Board of Vet Examiners, and he hears defendant and plaintiff testimony regularly. Thus he is qualified to serve your client be they veterinarian or pet owner.

Sarasota, FL, US

Food, Drug, Chemical Services

Over 35 years experience of trial experience, Biomedical Science, Toxicology and Regulatory Compliance for Drugs, Biologics, Diagnostics and Pesticides. Well-versed in Drug and Medical Product Development, licensing, patents and acquisitions.

Fort Lee, NJ, US

National Certified Chiropractic Expert Witness

Chiropractic Expert Medical Witness. Certified Expert Witness an has been providing chiropractic services for over 30 years. Has 3 degrees in medical field and 4 certifications..

Woburn, MA, US

Cardiothoracic Nurse with 27 years experience, legal nurse consultant.

Chicago, IL, US

Ahern Consulting / Rush University Medical Center

38 hours testifying under oath, Asst Professor at a Medical Center, Consultant, 19 years in healthcare finance.


University Hospital Aintree

Experienced Consultant Cardiologist at a large University teaching Hospital specialising in cardiac aspects of negligence, personal injury, disability and employment law.

Lake Oswego, OR, US

Wstrn. Occupational/Environmental Medicine Svcs. (WOEMS)

Double board certified in occupational/environmental medicine and independent medical examinations; work/personal injuries of back/neck especially; impairment ratings.

Birmingham, AL, US

Psychiatric expert in malpractice, disability, malingering, factitious disorder, & Munchausen cases

Petersham, MA, US

Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC

Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC provides expert witness referrals to attorneys on a nationwide basis. We specialize in providing physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare and healthcare-related experts; plus biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation consultants, construction safety experts, forensic accountants and all other types of experts needed for personal injury litigation.  In addition to providing experts for medical malpractice, products liability and other personal injury litigation, we have helped clients who need healthcare experts for a wide variety of cases, including labor and employment litigation, medical billing and collection, qui tam, divorce and child custody, will contests, criminal defense, etc. 

San Diego, CA, US

15 years experience as medical-legal expert in several fields

Berkeley, CA, US

AMFS, Inc. (American Medical Forensic Specialists)

since 1990 and through 60,000 cases has provided exemplary in house case evaluation services and provisions of medical expert witnesses from our panel of over 6,200 specialists nationwide.

Denver, CO, US


AMmd provides attorneys, insurers, and institutions with prompt, cost-effective case review.

West Bloomfield, MI, US


Many years of experience in clinical nephrology, dialysis, and renal transplantation

Crescent City, CA, US

Succor Consulting LLC.


Humble, TX, US

Foot Associated Of Texas, PA

Foot Care Associates of Texas, P.A. Self employed since 1985.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Geriatric And Forensic Psychiatry

EW #2427 is Board Certified / 20 yrs practice / expert in 300+ cases: federal, state courts, UCLA faculty, capacity, will, conservatorship, nursing home, dementia, elder, financial abuse, ADA, Alzheimer's, frontal lobe, stroke.

Oceanside, CA, US

Stone Mountain Medical Associates, Inc.

Experienced Medico legal Expert, Nursing Homes, Geriatrics, Family Practice. Defense/Plaintiff. 20+ Depos, 7 Trials.

Sacramento, CA, US

Benchmark Medical Consultants, Inc.

Since 1988 we have provided turnkey support services for our nationwide network of 1,400 accredited, board-certified physicians covering more than 250 medical specialties.

Bayside, NY, US

National Medical Consultants, P.C.

We are the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the nation.

La Salle, MI, US

Moore Consulting, L.L.C. -- A Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

Critical Care Nurse and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Experienced with both plaintiff and defense cases. No added fees for rush services.

Olyphant, PA, US

Tom Sawchak 's Action Inc Of Pennsylvania

Experienced national tested medical/vocational expert-20years,over $10million case awards in last 2 years analysis

Clinton Township, MI, US

Ernest Chiodo, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.B.A., C.I.H.

Ernest P. Chiodo, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.B.A., C.I.H. is a physician, attorney, industrial hygienist, industrial toxicologist and biomedical engineer licensed to practice medicine in New York, Michigan, and Illinois as well as law in Michigan and Illinois.   Former Medical Director Detroit Health Department. (Physician, attorney, epidemiologist, toxicologist, certified industrial hygienist.)

Oconomowoc, WI, US

FAMILY PRACTICE BOARD CERTIFIED; 24 yrs. experience including teaching STANDARDS OF CARE; teaching and clinical excellence awards; expedited reviews available

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Emergency Medicine Experts

Board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine , more than 14,000 hours of clinical practice, licensed in NV & CA, medical malpractice expert, impecable record.


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Medical ethics is the discipline of evaluating the merits, risks, and social concerns of activities in the field of medicine.

Medical ethics shares many principles with other branches of healthcare ethics, such as nursing ethics.

Ethical thinkers have suggested many methods to help evaluate the ethics of a situation. These methods provide principles that doctors should consider while decision making.

Six of the principles commonly included are:

Beneficence - a practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient. (Salus aegroti suprema lex.)

Non-maleficence - "first, do no harm" (primum non nocere). Autonomy - the patient has the right to refuse or choose their treatment. (Voluntas aegroti suprema lex.)

Justice - concerns the distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment.

Dignity - the patient (and the person treating the patient) have the right to dignity.

Truthfulness and honesty - the patient should not be lied to, and deserves to know the whole truth about their illness and treatment (though certain exceptions are made for the proper use of placebos).