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The Internet, or simply the Net, is the publicly accessible worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using a standardized Internet Protocol (IP). It is made up of thousands of smaller commercial, academic, domestic, and government networks. It carries various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, and the interlinked Web pages and other documents of the World Wide Web.

Chairman Expert Witnesses:

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Southlake, TX, US

Over 20 years experience in/with Internet, Computers, Programming, Data Processing, Dating and Social Networking, Community Portals, Engineering, Business Development, Expert Witness, and Litigation Support.

Director Expert Witnesses:

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Southlake, TX, US

“I am a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder of several different startup companies across a variety of industries yielding me a diverse Business, Technical & Internet expertise. Today, I am an Internet Litigation Consultant working for law firms as an Internet Expert Witness / Internet Special Master.”

Executive Expert Witnesses:

Mission Viejo, CA, US

Ray W Nettleton, LLC

Dr. Nettleton has been a leader in the telecommunications industry for some 44 years, as an entrepreneur, corporate officer, international businessperson and consultant, engineer, educator, author, lecturer, researcher, and expert witness. 

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Louisville, KY, US

AC Forensics

We offer expert consultation and testimony in the areas of data recovery, computer forensics and electronic discovery, software failures as well as software intellectual property disputes.

Franklin Lakes, NJ, US

SGK Service Inc.

Garry Kitchen is a respected video game industry consultant with 30+ years of experience in interactive entertainment. As an Expert Witness, Kitchen has been retained in the areas of patent infringement/invalidity, copyright infringement, video game development and business issues. Kitchen's areas of expertise also include general software development, Internet technologies and interactive advertising. Mr. Kitchen has significant testimony experience both in deposition and at trial.

Uae, AE, EU

IT Security ,Digital Forensic Services

Austin, TX, US

Eureka Software Solutions, Inc.

CEO/Founder Eureka Software Solutions, Inc. - Consulting and testifying expert - software and computer systems

Las Vegas, NV, US

Wireless Research Services, LLC

Recognized expert in mobile telecommunications technology, executive manager and leader, designing, developing, marketing and managing mobile telecommunication system and software products.


IT Group UK

IT & Telecoms Systems Fitness for Purpose, Forensic Data Recovery & Analysis International Tribunals, Mediations and Arbitrations. Highly experienced Court Expert. UK, Europe, USA & Canada

Waltham, MA, US

Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

All aspects of confusion surveys for litigation, including sample selection, questionnaire design and testing, quality control, data analysis, and expert testimony support.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Digital Forensic Expert Investigator

Computer Forensic Investigations, Data Recovery and Network Engineering Expert.

Salt Lake City, UT, US

The University Of Utah College Of Health Division Of Physical Therapy

EW #14016 is a responsible expert witness, with over 17-years of experiencee in the health care profession with both clinical and educational expertise.


AFENTIS Forensics

Computer forensic analysis and technology fraud investigations. Specialists in mobile telephone offences and telecommunication crime. Certified experts available to examine CCTV footage, indecent images, assist in e-discovery, and provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings. Full UK coverage, 24x7 Emergency Support, FREE initial consultation.

Encino, CA, US

WSR Consulting Group, LLC

Consultants & expert witnesses in computer systems, projects and software failure. 100+ projects & 50+ cases re project management, methodology, testing, QA, implementation, & IP infringement.

Monrovia, CA, US

Preferred Realty Partners LLC

Certified Mortgage Consultant; Certified Mortgage Technologist; National Ethics Bureau Member; CA DRE Broker with 20 years of financial services expertise spanning both coasts. Specializing in mortgage banking origination and operations;regulatory compliance and secondary marketing.

Associate Expert Witnesses:

San Antonio, TX, US

Rod Cook Americas MLM Consultants

World's leading Expert in Internet Affiliate Marketing, Internet Multi-Affiliate Marketing, Multi-level (MLM) Marketing and Direct Marketing.

Red Hook, NY, US

While in New York I had an extensive background with Merrill Lynch; compliance experience, arbitration experience with knowledge of securities, annuities, arbitration, and much more.  My group of expert witnesses, mostly retired Merrill Lynch attorneys and line managers, in addition to myself, offer case preparation and expert testimony in almost all areas of the securities industry. In addition, many of our experts are arbitrators themselves. We also possess annuity and life insurance expertise which is unique to testimony candidates. Analytics can be provided by Secure Financial Services. We will work with either claimant/respondent in case preparation and testimony.  Extensive background with Merrill Lynch; compliance experience, arbitration experience with knowledge of securities, annuities, arbitration, and much more.

Hackensack, NJ, US

City University Of New York

25 years of experience in telecommunications, internet, wireless and optical communications, and data networks

Rye, NY, US

.:. Keegan & Company LLC .:.

Harvard Doctoral and MBA degree. Distinguished Professor of Marketing and International Business. Widely published globally recognized authority. Author of leading marketing textbooks.

Marietta, GA, US

New Frontiers International, Ltd.

EW #13916 is a software developer / website developer/consultant in Atlanta, Georgia with 12 years of experience developing database applications and 6 years of internet / website development.

South Orange, NJ, US

Practical Computer Solutions

30+ years of Information Technology experience. Provided litigation support since 1986 on computer-related cases.

Smithtown, NY, US

Technology Is Made Easy, Corp.

JD, MBA, CTT+, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, 20+ technology certifications. Twenty years of technology experience, 500+ clients, wall Street and law firm experience. Microsoft Certified Partner.

Modesto, CA, US

Stockham Computer Forensics And Investigations

Licensed Private Investigator #23914, court qualified, retired law enforcement,Computer Forensics

Memphis, TN, US

Wilson & Turner Incorporated

14 years conducting and managing investigations for corporations throughout the world, concentrating on financial fraud, computewr crime and business intelligence cases.

Huntsville, AL, US

DRD Technologies Inc.

Quality assurance of high integrity aerospace, defense, and nuclear parts (electrical and mechanical) and components as well as industrial and automotive parts.

Pembroke Pines, FL, US Corporation

Information Technology 39 years. Expert Consultant for defense in criminal SPAM trials; Jeremy Jaynes, Richard Rotkowski, Jessica DeGroot vs. State of Virginia, AOL.

Satellite Beach, FL, US


Expert in valuation of damages for business, information technology, software selection and implementation and web commerce, he has a quarter century of business and technology consulting experience.

Bedford, TX, US

C I Host

Testified in 50+ Federal and District Court Cases covering such issues as trademark and copyright disputes, First Amendment Rights, censorship, domain names, e-Business and other high-tech cases.

Plymouth, UK, GB

Shaun Walbridge & Co Ltd

Clearwater, FL, US

Empire Data Labs

Expert witness and technical team member in a several large anti-trust civil cases in The Supreme Court of Michigan and Arizona.I provide advice on suspected strategic potential anti-trust violations.

Escondido, CA, US

Entropy Management Solutions

Specialist in broadband and multimedia technology, products and networking for content management and distribution, and security systems for Internet, satellite, cable, wireless and broadcast.

Manchester-by-the-sea, MA, US

Girard Consulting Partners

19 years and currently a computer and network architectural specialist concentrating on voice, video, data and facsimile transmission systems for the telecommunications industry.

London, UK, GB

Charles Scott & Partners (London) Limited

Tucson, AZ, US

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc.

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc. was founded over 20 years ago and has developed into a leading expert in the field of Computer Forensics.

Toronto, ONTARIO, CA

Specific areas of expertise are: corporate espionage, threat assessment, risk management, computer and network security, electronic surveillance and privacy risks in a technology dependent world.

E. Stroudsburg, PA, US


Forty years designing and implementing telecommunications and computer technology for Wall St. and domestic & foreign banks.

Denver, CO, US

Internet Expert Witness

Internet Expert Witness Peter Kent - author of SEO for Dummies, the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet, and other Internet-related books. Real-world online experience - Web dev, online marketing.

Philadelphia, PA, US

Media Analysis & Communications Research

Specialist in English syntax and linguistic analysis of communication content.

Spokane, WA, US

Global CompuSearch LLC

Global CompuSearch provides consulting, training, and forensic analysis in computer crime and Internet-related issues.

Point Reyes Station, CA, US

John Levy Consulting LLC

Ph.D.- Computer Science, Stanford University.; over 30 years in computer systems, software, input/output, and hard disk; experience with Intel, Microsoft and many others; neutral advisor to two federal judges.

Hamilton, MT, US

Buzz Me

EW #2979 Fields of expertise include: Bee Kills From Pesticides, Honey Bees, Pollination, Agricultural Entomology, Insects & Insecticides, and Integrated Pest Management

Oceanside, CA, US

Mitchell Consulting

EW #2558 is a Consulting Expert California Board of Registered Nursing

Concord, MA, US

Robert Plotkin, P.C.

EW #13865 specializes in advising clients seeking cutting-edge advice on procuring, enforcing, and defending against software patents.

Ashland, OR, US

Presentation Dynamics

EW #807 is a well-known computer specialist who serves as an expert witness and litigation consultant in intellectual property and other computer litigation cases.

Pittsburgh, PA, US

Carnegie Mellon University

Primary focus in this group is analyzing system and network vulnerabilities and helping to transition security technology into production use.

Long Beach, CA, US


Computer Crimes Investigator, Collection and analysis of digital evidence. Expert testimony, litigation support, expert reports, declarations and expert witness.

San Francisco, CA, US

Satori Associates, Inc.

EW #387 has had more than 40 years experience in the insurance field.

Arroyo Grande, CA, US

18 years of consulting experience with computer accounting systems, data analysis, modifications and special reports. Former Corporate controller. Retired FAA Air Traffic Controller

Red Lion, PA, US

Consulting Engineer

EW #305 is a Consulting Engineer in Security Systems, educated as a Physicist and Electrical Engineer.

San Dimas, CA, US


18 years experience in residential construction, roofing and waterproofing.

Roslyn Heights, NY, US

Global Digital Forensics

Specializes in the Forensic Analysis of all types of digital assets and media (Computer Forensics) for law firms and corporate clients.

Rye, NY, US

Monarch Information Networks, Inc.

Internet Forensics: network abuse, SLA, intellectual property, outsourcing, performance, security, reliability. State and federal testimonial experience.

Saratoga, CA, US

Cleary And Partners

One of the most respected marketing experts in Silicon Valley. The guy who built one of the most celebrated integrated marketing firms of the 90's. He is responsible for the branding of Yahoo, Amazon, Excite, Ebay, etc.

Saratoga, CA, US

Cleary And Partners

One of the most respected marketing experts in Silicon Valley. The guy who built one of the most celebrated integrated marketing firms of the 90's.

Houston, TX, US

1st Online Malpractice Consultations

Board Certified Physicians and Attorneys provide online medical malpractice consultation, referrals, and support services for patients, attorneys and adjusters.

Nationwide, , US

We'll find you the best expert and the search is FREE OF COST. We're a seasoned expert services firm that delivers superior experts through custom search, with unrivaled accuracy.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Fort Worth, TX, US

Compupak Advanced Technology, Inc.

Litigation,testimony,intellectual property,forensics,data & email recovery,computer plaforms,commercial transactions,contract deliverables,complex technology and business issues.

Los Altos, CA, US

The Chatham Group

Silicon Valley: Electronics, Semiconductors, Computer Hardware, Software, Telecommunications, Office Automation, Communications, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Industry Custom and Practice.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Setec Investigations

Setec Investigations offers unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, providing highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.

Nationwide /, TX, US

Ron Russ, CDP Dba RLRA, Inc.

Expert Testimony: Computer Litigation; 50+ cases (Summary Available); Federal/District; Civil/Criminal; 40+ years industry; Multi-firm CEO; Degreed/Certified; Reasonable Rates; Immediate Availability

Newton, MA, US


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The Internet, or simply the Net, is the publicly accessible worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using a standardized Internet Protocol (IP). It is made up of thousands of smaller commercial, academic, domestic, and government networks. It carries various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, and the interlinked Web pages and other documents of the World Wide Web.