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Accidents occur everyday that result in the destruction of property, injuries, or even death. Experts in accident reconstruction use multi-displinary techniques to recreate the events leading to the accident. The data collection process and subsequent analysis of the accident data can lead to the assignment of negligenceblame. results of the reconstruction

Executive Expert Witnesses:

Charlevoix, MI, US

Smith Aquatic Safety Services

Retired USCG Commander holding Ph.D. in Education with extensive experience in all aquatic accidents including: boating, swimming, diving, boating accident reconstruction, drowning, cervical spine injuries, dams, beaches, pools, lakes, life jackets, hypothermia, jet skis, commercial fishing and passenger vessel operations, barges and tow boats, lifeguarding, search/rescue/recovery. 25 years USCG experience, 30+ years as expert in plaintiff/defense cases.

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Raritan, NJ, US

Sitework Expert LLC

Consulting, Dispute Resolution, and Expert Witness Testimony Experience: Construction. Heavy Equipment, Scheduling; Delay; Differing Site Condition Claims; trenching, Shoring,Trench Collapse,OSHA safety & Complience

New York, NY, US

Robert Liss Consulting Engineer

Chicago, IL, US

Mechanical design expertise for patent litigation and equipment failures. 45 years experience, good references

La Mesa, CA, US

Error Analysis, Inc.

Comprehensive expert services including accident investigation and reconstruction, written and oral reports, research of applicable codes and standards, and in support of litigation.

San Luis Obispo, CA, US

Harrell & Associates

Human Factors expert, specializing in accidents involving children and adolescents. Negligent supervision, inadquate warnings, product liability.

Edgewood, NEW MEXICO, US

Paradise Crane Consultants

Paradise Crane Consultants (PCC) is the consultant of choice for safety and health in construction and industrial work environments. Throughout our history we have played a major role in the safety and health field. We have determined the causes of numerous incidents and accidents; conducted safety and health audits; and have worked closely with governmental regulatory agencies with regard to current and proposed safety and health legislation.

Homosassa, FL, US

Engineering Associate Services

Over 30 years of experience in Mechanical / Structural Engineering. Involved in several litigation cases utilizing Technical Expertise.

Lubbock, TX, US



Bixby, OK, US

Thompson Mechanical Associates

40+ Years experience as a Mechanical Engineer dealing with all manner of machinery and vehicles.

Northbrook, IL, US

Donald J. Brayer And Assoc., Ltd.

Commercial property and casualty and professional liability underwriting, marketing, claim review, risk management, underwriting auditing,coverage interpretation, agent/broker duties insurance customs and practices

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Newbury, OH, US


EW #858 has 45 years expertise in engineering, accident reconstruction, lemon law inspection and testimony and provides design, consulting and custom manufacturing of small boats.

Conroe, TX, US

Cam Cope Consulting

EW #1459 BS, CFEI is a proven professional in the evaluation and investigation of vehicle related injuries and defects.

Oakland, CA, US

National Services

25+ years in the elevator / escalator industry. Expert witness; consulting; inspections; specification drafting and enforcement; construction compliance; code issues; failure analysis

Canyon Lake, CA, US

Scott Moore & Associates, Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis. We are specialists in auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, and bus accidents, as well as vehicle inspections.  We also specialize in motorcycle rider safety.

Orange City, FL, US

America Crane Training Services, Inc.

EW #796 has eleven years experience providing Safety Training and Certification Programs to world class corporations globally.

Opelika, AL, US

Smith-Alsobrook & Associates

Tire consulting, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, pedestrian dynamics and vehicle trajectory. Photograph and measuring techniques, identification, and evaluation. Vehicle damage documentation and analysis.

Corvallis, OR, US

Hayes & Associates, Inc.

Our core expertise is injury biomechanics, i.e. relating injurious forces and motions to tolerance limits for high-risk anatomic regions.

Tallahassee, FL, US

Cummings Scientific, LLC

EW #6834 specializes in medical, automotive, industrial accidents, injury causation, human factors, vision, seat belt analysis, 3-D simulation and animations, and expert witness testimony at trial

St, Louis, MO, US

Automotive Reseach And Techical Consulants (ARTEC)

Founder of the Automotive Research and Technical Consultants providing automotive related consulting services to universities, corporations, and attorneys for over 30 years.

Annapolis, MD, US

Trident Engineering Associates, Inc.

EW #2234 provides assistance on-site, anywhere, anytime, in performing: ***[***[Engineering]****]**** Investigations, Reliability and Failure Analysis, General ***[***[Engineering]****]**** and Legal Assistance.

Oregon City, OR, US

Bundy, Gale & Shields, LLC

Specializing in fire investigation fire protection full scale fire testing safety issues expert testimony litigation support

Toledo, OH, US

Team Audio Inc.

We provide identification, acoustical & media forensic services. We recover, enhance & extract info from media. We offer transcriptions, biometric voice identification, & evidence management.

Pittsford, NEW YORK, US

Accident Investigation / Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction & analysis; accident investigation documentation; witness interviews; electronic scene documentation; Crash Data Retrieval from GM vehicles.

Kiowa, CO, US

Propane Accident Reconstruction Services, LLC

Specializing in accidents involving propane. Over 30 years experience in delivery, service, and management. A hands on expert that still works daily in a retail propane facility.

Charlotte, NC, US

Property Litigation Consulting

30 years of real estate experience with emphasis on Property Mangagement - purchase, renovation, restoration, sale of single family homes, condominiums, multifamily residences

Fort Lee, NJ, US

National Certified Chiropractic Expert Witness

Chiropractic Expert Medical Witness. Certified Expert Witness an has been providing chiropractic services for over 30 years. Has 3 degrees in medical field and 4 certifications..


Railroad Industries Incorporated

RII has provided expert witnes services for multiple caes including accident, injury, fatality, condemnation, loss of business, labor hearings, transportation cost damages, appraisals and rail evaluations for settlements. RII has provided documentation inspections, depositions and testimony.

Westlake Village, CA, US

Transamerican Consultant Engineers, Inc.

Hampton, NH, US

Collision Analysis & Academics, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA, US


Metairie, LA, US

Gas Technology Consultants, Inc.

Sacramento, CA, US

Hospitality Consultants

A consultant with over thirty years of hands on experience in hotels restaurants and business and industry food facilities accidents safety sanitation personnel administration.

Petaluma, CA, US

Steve Greene & Associates

EW #4235 is a full service vertical transportation consulting firm for elevators, escalators, moving walks, personnel hoists, dumbwaiters and accessibility lifts.

Long Island City, NY, US

LIR Group, Inc.

Nationally recognized expert in elevator & escalator accidents serving both plaintiff and defense.

New York, NY, US

R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc.

Nearly 50 years experience in microwave heating and product and process development; holder of nearly 30 U.S. microwave patents; renown lecturer on microwave topics.

St. Joseph, MO, US

Merrifield Safety Consulting LLC

Industry leader in Safety, Safe Use, Safe design, Standards, Regulations, Warnings, Training and Litigation involving construction machinery.

Billings, MONTANA, US

EW #13691 is an expert in the standards of care and custom practices of truck drivers and motor carriers for over 35 years, and has testified in many states.

Long Island City, NY, US

LIR Group, Inc.

Nationally recognized expert in elevator & escalator accidents serving both plaintiff and defense.

Louisville, CO, US

Forensic Trio, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Grimes Surveying & Mapping Inc.

Victoria, TX, US

Custom Engineering And Forensics Corporation (CEFC)

Since 1997, we have provided engineering and forensic services for a select group of clients.

Clermont, FL, US

Engineering Assessments, Inc.

Flagstaff, AZ, US

Sewell Investigations

Over 20 years law enforcement experience and is a retired police lieutenant with a BS and MS degree.

Dayton, TX, US

GEO Associates

GEO Associates provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for cases that involve Forensic Geology, Geophysics, and Meteorology including Weather Event Re-Construction and Force Majeure.

The Woodlands, TX, US

Strategic Transportation Services

Onsite investigation of accidents involving railroads or rail equipment analysis of event recorders

Miami, FL, US

Bevron Consulting Group, Inc.

25 years expert experience in all matters of operation and risk management skating / bowling.

Markham, VA, US

Transportation Research Corporation

Fallbrook, CA, US

Elite Fitness Consulting Services

Over 25 years of experience in the fitness & sport equipment industries, including Forensic Litigation Support Consulting.

Bel Air, MD, US

Cover & Wills, LLC

EW #3096 has over 14 years of providing forensic collision analysis to the insurance, legal and private communities.

Baton Rouge, LA, US

Accardo Engineering Inc

Chemical Engineer; Forensics, Consulting, Chemicals, Design, Environmental, Explosions, Fires, Industrial and Safety. 23 years industry plus 18 years private.

Columbus, OH, US

Engineering And Management Consulting

Analyzes accident scenarios, causes of system failure and human behavior in complex situations.

Chicago, IL, US

Professional Engineer specializing in traffic signals and geometric intersection design. Includes traffic signal system design and timing. Autoscope design also included in experience.

Santa Barbara, CA, US

Smith Consulting Company

Yorba Linda, CA, US

Ohm Corporation

Investigation of electrical power systems including overhead distribution with respect to adequacy and compliance with applicable codes.

Louisville, KY, US

Heath And Associates

40 years Expert services and forensic engineering for lifts, hoists, jacks, machines, material handling.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US

The Law Offices Of Alan D. Wallace

EW #3115 is an Attorney, broker and instructor with nearly 20 years of experience as a real estate broker and general counsel.

Provo, UT, US

Combustion Resources

35 years experience, distinguished professor, international consultant, expert witness (40 cases in recent years) in combustion, accidental fire and explosions, fossil fuels, synthetic fuels, air pollution.

San Diego, CA, US

Medical-Legal Consultants, Inc.

Manhattan Beach, CA, US

DNA Industrial Hygiene

Safety & Health Expert, Hazardous Material Expert, Board Certified Indusrtial Hygienist. He has over thirty years of experience in health and environmental risk evaluation and mitigation.

Albuquerque, NM, US


EW 3275 has Thirty-four (34) years experience in force analysis, shock physics, impact damage effects, explosions, and weapon design, including theory, research, development, and testing.


J. Sottile Consultant

Expert in all wayside signal, rail/highway grade crossing, Positive Train Control, Communication based and on board locomotive Automatic Cab Signal/Train Control (ACS/ATC) applications in both electric and non-electric propulsion systems.

Mineola, NY, US

Dr. James Pugh P.E., Director

InterCity is entering its 30th year as a provider of forensic engineering, consulting and expert testimony to thousands of law offices, insurance companies and government agencies.

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Institute For Products, Engineering & Construction

Orlando, FL, US

Twenty-eight years experience in the crane and rigging field.

Smyrna, TN, US

I am an ASE certified collision repair specialist with 10 years of experience in evaluating and repairing collision damage, including assessment of the circumstances surrounding automotive wrecks.

Cantonment, FL, US

Systems Engineering Research Facilities, Inc.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US

Interior Specifications

Board Certified Forensic Examiners and Forensic Engineers-Technologists in floor failure analysis, slip, trip and fall causation. Floor covering industry expert in materials and design of remediation.

Knoxville, TN, US

John C. Hungerford, Ph.D. & Associates

I have provided expert witness services to attorneys for more than 20 years. I also provide human factors engineering/ergonomics/safety consultation to industry.

Matthews, NC, US

Dickinson & Associates, Inc.

Experts that have investigated hundreds of accidents, failures, and claims occurring in several states and Canada.

Dublin, CA, US

Amador Newtonian Engineering

Houston, TX, US

Lewis Bauerlein, Barry Richard, Bob Swint, Or Stephanie Thiem

EW #3835 has been providing litigation support in accident reconstruction for over 29 years. From initial investigation, through the process to final courtroom testimony, our highly qualified staff has assisted in hundreds of successful projects.

Pittsburgh, PA, US

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc.

25 years of experience in the mechanical design and analysis of structures, machinery, and facilities.

Fredrick, OK, US

Hynes Aviation Services

EW #3494 is a leading authority in field of aviation and various aspects of flight operations.

Jacksonville, FL, US

E4 Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Eason combines experience from academia, industry, and consulting to address a variety of engineering and forensic subjects.

Westerville, OH, US


We provide expert services including data review, case analysis, document review, case development, expert reports and testimony to assist lawyers.

Willowbrook, IL, US

Product Safety Expert with such products as Ladders, Windows, Doors, Awnings, Mobile Homes, etc.

New York, NY, US

New York Tech Associates

Structures, Biomechanics and Safety Expert, Retired Senior Scientist, Columbia University

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Institute For Products, Engineering & Construction

Construction, Engineering, Safety Experts nationwide.

Middleburg, VA., US

Expert plastic surgeon.

Nottingham, UK, GB

Contact: Sarah Wilford

20 years experience Single Joint Expert Service, Construction, Structural, Safety Personal Injury.

Vancouver, B.C., CA

Allied Investigations Inc.

A private investigation company for criminal & civil matters, background searches, asset locating, insurance fraud, and statements. We speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Long Branch, NJ, US

Raymond A. Syms & Associates

EW #2774 offers Aviation Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Lake Havasu City, AZ, US


Professional Traffic Collision INvestigation / Reconstruction, Event Data - Crash Data "Black Box" Technology Information retrieval, and Expert Forensic Testimony. Servicing the Entire Southwest.

Noblesville, IN, US

Barnett Forensic Services

Skokie, IL, US

Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.

Forensic investigations and litigation support ranging from the devastation of terrorist explosion to seismic structural damage, construction collapse and materials failure.

Norwood, MA, US

Forensic Engineers & Technologists

Fort Worth, TX, US

Lone Star Trucking Safety & Consulting Services

20 years in trucking operations as fleet manager, safety director, driver trainer, corporate transportation manager. 10 years as a trucking safety consultant.

San Antonio, TX, US

National Forensic Engineers, Inc.

Over 30 years experience in design of commercial structures. Experience in slip, trip, and fall cases. NATIONAL FORENSIC ENGINEERS, INC. has been engaged in more that 3000 cases.

West Barnstable, MA, US

Parkka Collision Consultants

EW #3035 is a certified Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction & Cause Analysis professional providing service to law firms and insurance companies that require accident reconstruction for use in civil litigation.

San Diego, CA, US

Lawrence Kamm

EW #452 has his P.E. and ss an expert witness his engineering analysis has won two million-dollar lawsuits. Available for depositions, and court testimonies.

Las Cruces, NM, US

Evans & Associates, Inc.

Accident Reconstruction; Bicycle Accidents; Trucks; Pedestrian Accidents; Time/Distance/Speed Analysis; ACTAR Accredited, Evidence Documentation; Graphic Illustrations

Tallahassee, FL, US

Coloney Bell Engineering

Clermont, FL, US

John Toth Engineering, Inc.

Mechanical and marine engineer-underwater equipment/materials, fiber optics, high-tension cables, machine design, theme park equipment/amusement rides, elastomers, fracture mechanics concrete and rock

Newman, GA, US

Trans Tech Services

EW #2515 has 30 plus years of accident reconstruction expertise, with over 700 full reconstruction cases.

Johnson, NY, US

Richard H. Klein, Consulting Engineers

EW #2555 has over 20 years expert witness in combination-vehicle accident investigations and litigations. He also conducts vehicle claims inspections for various insurance companies throughout the U.S.

Oakdale, NY, US

35 years of combined engineering, inspection, construction supervision, and construction management

Bala Cynwyd, PA, US

MB2 Expert Services

EW #2556 has been providing consultation and expert services to the legal and insurance industry since 1983.

Annapolis, MD, US

45 years providing forensic engineering and expert witness services to insurance and legal communities.

Naples, FL, US

Raleigh, NC, US

Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corp.

Chesterfield, MO, US

Aviation Consultant

EW #6576 is a consultant with over 40 years in the industry. As a retired Marine pilot and former Director of the US Navy Test Pilot School, he is uniquely qualified as an aviation expert.

Camarillo, CA, US

Product Safety Engineering Services Corp.

Nationally recognized expert on product safety and failure analysis.

Encino, CA, US

AR Tech Forensic Experts Inc.

Consulting Engineer. Reg. Prof. Engineer (CA), Lic. Mech Eng (CA), Lic. Eng. Contractor (CA). Expert Witness. 21 years Engineering /Accident Reconstruction. 3000+ Investigations. Testified 200+ cases

Birmingham, AL, US

Has staff and maintains contact with highly qualified engineers and other professionals who available for consulting in a wide array of technical areas.

Orange, CA, US

Kunzman Associates

Tucson, AZ, US

Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.

Specializes complex industrial chemical accidents, fires and explosions as well as chemical-related consumer product injuries.

Tempe, AZ, US

Ew #2695 has for over a decade has been recognized as a premier provider of consulting services to aid in the litigation process. Our staff of engineering experts are available for nationwide consulting.

Beverly Hills, CA, US

Waldorf, MD, US

C. D. Pembleton Associates

29 years of experience investigating and reconstructing highway vehicle collisions, and has been directly involved in over 4000 collision investigations, collision analysis and collision reconstructions.

Burbank, CA, US

Media, PA, US

Ellie L. Francis, Ph.D., O.D.

Visual Human Factors since 1987. Defense/Plaintiff.

Bethesda, MD, US

Consulting Engineers

London, UK, GB

Imperial College Of Science & Technology

Minocqua, WI, US

ETechInvest, Inc.

EW #337 is currently registered as an Arbitrator with both the National Association of Securities Dealers and the National Futures Association.

Livermore, CA, US

Boster, Kobayashi & Associates

30 years expertise in accident reconstruction including automobile, motorcycles, seat belts, airbags, human factors, slip and falls, material failure, metallurgy, tires and wheels, roadway and high way design.

Buxton, DE, GB

Robert Bruce & Sons

EW #627 is an independent mechanical and electrical engineering consulting practice, founded in 1908, working internationally and specialising in industrial plant, machinery and electrical installations.

Iowa City, IA, US

Construction Forensics; Construction Data Collection; Market Research and Product Development Studies; Preparation and Review of Construction Cost Estimates, Bids, Proposals, and Claims for Added Compensation.

Lake Zurich, IL, US

Expert Witness Chemical Plant & Safety Management

Expert Witness Chemical Plant & Safety Management. Deposition and Trial experience.RESUME, REFERENCES AND CASE HISTORY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Islamorada, FL, US

B&K Marine Engineering Inc.

We offer Forensic Marine Investigations, Accident Reconstructions, analysis.


Systems Engineering And Forensic Services

Provides mechanical engineering support in accident investigation and reconstruction covering failure analysis, process simulation, equipment reliability and safety. Specialized in areas of cranes, rigging, industrial forklifts, aerial devices, conveyors, and barges. Cover OSHA, State OSHA, ANSI/ASME B30, HST, CMAA, ASME B31.1 and B31.3.

Houston, TX, US

Signa Engineering Corp.

Signa is a professional petroleum engineering company providing expert witness testimony to resolve complex cases involving injury, patent infringement, environmental infractions and property damage.

Lincoln, NE, US

DFW & Associates

25 year experience in Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Science

Malibu, CA, US

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

EW #2714 offers Consulting services to the legal community and others, in the areas of accident investigation and reconstruction.

Nr. Plymouth, DEVON, UK, GB

A. B. Maritime Ltd

Providing consultancy, supervision & project management to the offshore exploration, construction,subsea pipe and cable lay sectors & project management for luxury yacht construction.

Houston, TX, US

Trident Marine Safety Associates

35 years expertise in marine claims, litigation support, and expert services.

Fairhope, AL, US

Crane Inspection Services, Inc.

Crane Inspection Services, Inc. is accredited by OSHA to inspect, test, and issue documents of certification, when required, on shore-based material-handling devices, floating cranes.

Beverly Hills, CA, US

John Levin, MD., Inc

Overland Park, KS, US

John C. Glennon, Chartered

Santa Barbara, CA, US

D. Wylie Associates Driver Fatigue Experts

30 years expertise as a board-certified professional ergonomist and as a human factors / ergonomics specialist.

Walnut Creek, CA, US

Architectural Network Inc.

Expertise in many project types including but are not limited to retail, office, light industrial, restaurants, medical/dental, educational, recreational, civic and residential projects.

Santa Rosa, CA, US

Engineering Design & Testing Corp.

Mechanical Engineer, Material Scientist

Falls Church, VA, US

Fly Safe Consulting, LLC

EW #2194 is a recognized expert in the field of air traffic control, and has 5 decades of experience including 12 years on the FAA Evaluation and Investigations Staff.

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Gomer Consulting Group

27 years of experience in product design and manufacturing, premises design and maintenance, and accepted safety practices and accident prevention methods.

Lake Havasu City, AZ, US

Burch & Associates

He has conducted numerous accident investigations, provided written opinions, depositions and court testimony.

Annapolis, MD, US

Transcon Services

Madison, WI, US

Safety Engineering Associates, Inc.

San Diego, CA, US

Medical-Legal Consultants, Inc.

Colorado Springs, CO, US

GA International, Inc. (GAI)

Analyse crash survivability based on biomechanical parameters with primary interest in children, and infants. Assess cause and affect "the physics" of a crash.

State College, PA, US

Aquatic Safety Research Group, LLC

Managing Aquatic facilities and programs for more than 30 years.

Monroeville, PA, US

General Marine Consultants

Over 40 years experience in towing vessel operations, marine construction and salvage: marine surveying and brokerage.

Tallahassee, FL, US

Benedict Engineering Company

Chester, NJ, US

A&C Automotive Consulting

EW #2835 is an expert in traffic accident reconstruction, vehicle safety standards, air bag and seat belt performance, and speed computations.

Sacramento, CA, US

Contact: Gordon H. Damant, Director - CA

Expert #2074 is a forensic engineer, consultant and expert testimony to thousands of law offices, insurance companies and government agencies.

Middleburg, FLORIDA, US

Cottman Development Corp Of Fla

Any Automtive Situation,22 Yrs as Auto Tech,Shop Foreman,Member of Society of Automtive Engineers

Dallas, TX, US

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.

Ph.D., PE 35 years experience as metallurgical engineering consultant, product failure analysis, expert witness with over 225 depositions and 65 court appearances.

Brick, NJ, US

B&K Marine Engineering Inc.

We offer Forensic Marine Investigations, Accident Reconstructions, analysis.

Lafayette,, CO, US

Ponderosa Associates

FAA certification, private Pilot, USArmy Aviation Maintenance, Aerospace Engineer University of CO., Aviation Accident Investigation emphasis USArmy Aeromedical research Laboratory

Lafayette,, CO, US

Ponderosa Associates

FAA certification, private Pilot, USArmy Aviation Maintenance, Aerospace Engineer University of CO., Aviation Accident Investigation emphasis USArmy Aeromedical research Laboratory

Houston, TX, US

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Seasoned technical consultants and business analysts to address industrial and commercial accidents and incidents, property-related problems, and environmental, safety and industrial hygiene issues.

Baltimore, MD, US

SPA, Inc.

EW #2274 is a Registered Professional Engineer (safety), Certified Safety Professional, and Master's Level Psychologist specializing in Technical aspects of Applied Human Factors Engineering and Safety.

Azle, TX, US

SCLS Consulting

EW #4875 has over 25 years of experience in Transportation/Workplace Safety, and is an expert for cases involving Vehicle/Workplace Accidents, Serious Injury and Wrongful Death.

Austin, TEXAS, US

SafeMachines, PLLC

Peer-reviewed publications and over twenty years of experience with computer-controlled machines, factory automation, IP, patents and robotics

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Coeur D Alene, ID, US

R. J. Diven Consulting, LLC

EW #901 was an executive of a major demolition company before starting his consulting business

Pasadena, CA, US

ForensisGroup, Inc.

The Experts of Experts since 1991! Forensic Business - Construction - Engineering - Medical - Scientific - All Professional and Technical Disciplines.

Bedford, TX, US


Need a personal injury attorney? A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident.

Bedford, TX, US


Need a personal injury law firm? A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident.

Bedford, TX, US


Need a personal injury lawyer? A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident.

Bedford, TX, US


Need a personal injury law firm? A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident.

Walnut Creek, CA, US

Elevator & Escalator Consulting Group, LLC

Over 33 years of work experience "solely" in the elevator/escalator industry. This practice provides elevator/escalator consulting and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Los Angeles, CA, US

United Design Associates Inc.

Multi-disciplined design and construction expert in property improvements and furnishings.

Laguna Hills, CA, US

Electric Vehicle Expert.

San Marcos, TX, US

JosephAvaition Consulting

Offers over 47 years of worldwide aviation experience and nearly 28,000 flight hours in more than 70 different models of aircraft ranging from general aviation to high performance military and air carrier aircraft. Operational expertise includes more than 40 years experience as a flight instructor in the aforementioned aircraft types. 

Covington, LOUISIANA, US

Performance Analysis

Forensics, Engineering and Business Process Improvement. Performance Analysis routtinely works as expert witness on a wide variety of forensics, accident reconstruction, equipment failure analysis, and other engineering-related topics. We strive to put all the right tools in the hands of our clients so that they will have all the right data they need to make informed decisions on how to best handle their cases.

Cincinnati Area, OHIO, US

Herbert Roberts Consulting

Overview Herbert Roberts investigates a wide variety of mechanical and structural failure issues, including workplace injuries involving machinery, engines, and structural failures. Mr. Roberts holds Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Business Administration in International business, and holds 14 US patents related to engine design. For 25 years Mr. Roberts worked in the automotive design, manufacturing & repair industry; the aircraft design, manufacturing & repair industry; and the marine design, manufacturing & repair industry.  Mr. Roberts specializies in trailer and towing related accidents; engines design and testing; air frame, marine, and automotive metallic and composite based structures; plus impact analysis, accident recreation, and root cause analysis. Mr. Roberts is a skilled teacher and has trained thousands of professionals in advanced engineering skills, six sigma quality methods, and systematic innovation skills in various global venues.


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Accidents occur everyday that often lead to injuries, death and the destruction of property. Experts in the accident reconstruction field must chose which accident reconstruction techniques to use during the investigation.

Although there are several common forms of accidents that can occur, such as vehiclular accidents involving automobiles, trains, commercial trucks, airplanes (aviation), or boats (marine) each accident can be quite unique and great care must be taken in the collection and preservation of the physical data from the accident.

Expert witness testimony is often key in assigning the negligence