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Accidents occur everyday that result in the destruction of property, injuries, or even death. Experts in accident reconstruction use multi-displinary techniques to recreate the events leading to the accident. The data collection process and subsequent analysis of the accident data can lead to the assignment of negligenceblame. results of the reconstruction

Executive Expert Witnesses:

Charlevoix, MI, US

Smith Aquatic Safety Services

Retired USCG Commander holding Ph.D. in Education with extensive experience in all aquatic accidents including: boating, swimming, diving, boating accident reconstruction, drowning, cervical spine injuries, dams, beaches, pools, lakes, life jackets, hypothermia, jet skis, commercial fishing and passenger vessel operations, barges and tow boats, lifeguarding, search/rescue/recovery. 25 years USCG experience, 30+ years as expert in plaintiff/defense cases.

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Canyon Lake, CA, US

Scott Moore & Associates, Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis. We are specialists in auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, and bus accidents, as well as vehicle inspections.  We also specialize in motorcycle rider safety.

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Accidents occur everyday that often lead to injuries, death and the destruction of property. Experts in the accident reconstruction field must chose which accident reconstruction techniques to use during the investigation.

Although there are several common forms of accidents that can occur, such as vehiclular accidents involving automobiles, trains, commercial trucks, airplanes (aviation), or boats (marine) each accident can be quite unique and great care must be taken in the collection and preservation of the physical data from the accident.

Expert witness testimony is often key in assigning the negligence