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Energy is the ability to do work. It may express itself in different forms; kinetic and potential energy and the ability to do mechanical work; thermal, chemical and electromagnetic energy; nuclear energy, and various other forms. Power is the time rated expenditure of energy.

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Highland Park, ILLINOIS, US

EWF Consulting

20 years chemical engineering R&D, teachnical consulting and expert witness for attorneys. Expertise in applied chemistry, engineering, polymers, and chemical processes/products

Oak Forest, IL, US

Rigley Capital Markets, LLC.

Over 80 years combined Banking and Finance Experience, Rigley Capital Markets has the expertise and network to address any of your banking needs. We specialize in Capital Markets, Lending, Underwriting, Processing, Securitization, Servicing, and Asset Management. Our team of experts is ready to help at any time.

Ontario, CA, US

PowerPlant Consultants, Inc.

Industrial & Utility power generation and cogeneration expert. 30 years hands-on experience with plants from 100 kW to 1,000 MW. Extensive International experience arbitrations & litigations expert.

Homosassa, FL, US

Engineering Associate Services

Over 30 years of experience in Mechanical / Structural Engineering. Involved in several litigation cases utilizing Technical Expertise.

Bixby, OK, US

Thompson Mechanical Associates

40+ Years experience as a Mechanical Engineer dealing with all manner of machinery and vehicles.

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Sparks, NV, US

Hawman Consulting Energist

40 Years Mechanical Systems License, has an expertise in new combustion technology for boiler & burner operations.


Project Leader and Consulting Engineer with expertise in power plant/industrial facility materials selection, nuclear power, corrosion prevention, failure analysis, ASTM/ASME, NDE and QA.

Irvine, CA, US

Aloha Systems, Inc.

Ph.D. Electric Power Engineering. MBA. PE in Calif, NY, Texas. Former utility manager. Licensed electrical contractor.

Tucson, AZ, US

Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.

Specializes complex industrial chemical accidents, fires and explosions as well as chemical-related consumer product injuries.

Jamison, PA, US

NRG Consultants

This expert has over 45 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field. His experience includes the design of mechanical systems for the building industry as well as forensic engineering analysis of mechanical systems and components.

Ft Walton Beach, FL, US

Matrix Engineering

Extensive experience involving electrical designs and failures. Twenty years practice as a technical manager performing the analysis of electrical failures resulting in loss.

Houston, TX, US

Signa Engineering Corp.

Signa is a professional petroleum engineering company providing expert witness testimony to resolve complex cases involving injury, patent infringement, environmental infractions and property damage.

Alexandria, VA, US

QSI Consulting, Inc.

Litigation and regulatory support for telecommunications. QSI's industry experts include: economists, financial modelers, engineers, CPAs, and marketing and product development experts.

Rockville, VA, US

Midstream Farm, LLC

Tank Storage EH&S Expert. 40 yrs Experience. Over 500 AST Tank Farm Terminals, Pipeline Stations, & Bulk Plants. Past::: ILTA, GATX, Bechtel. Antea Group. M.I.T. Purdue, U.S.C Grad. Plantiff & Defendent All Courts. Over 80 cases in midstream portion of oil and chemical industry. See

Dayton, TX, US

GEO Associates

GEO Associates provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for cases that involve Forensic Geology, Geophysics, and Meteorology including Weather Event Re-Construction and Force Majeure.

Washington Dc, WASHINGTON, US

EW #13832 is a power plant expert with more than 35 years experience in Power Plants

Dallas, TX, US


Experienced expert witness in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Intellectual property, patent litigation.

Irvine, CA, US

Aloha Systems, Inc.

Ph.D. Electric Power Engineering. MBA. PE in Calif, NY, Texas. Former utility manager. Licensed electrical contractor.

Tyler, TX, US

James E. Smith & Associates, Inc.

Offering a total package of services to Oil and Gas industry.

Provo, UT, US

Combustion Resources

35 years experience, distinguished professor, international consultant, expert witness (40 cases in recent years) in combustion, accidental fire and explosions, fossil fuels, synthetic fuels, air pollution.

Laramie, WY, US

CD & W Inc.

More than 40 years of experience in areas associated with the properties and processing of conventional and synthetic fuels. He has participated in, as well as led, significant research in defining the use of chemistry of heavy oil and coal.

Fort Worth, TX, US

The Strickland Group

EW #1514 consults to the oil and gas industry and has worked nationally/internationally since the 1970s. He is an experienced petroleum engineering expert in state, federal, international courts.

Leander, TX, US

D. R. Word Associates

35 plus years of experienced electrical engineer and scientist; strong analytical skills; strong verbal skills.

Houston, TX, US

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Seasoned technical consultants and business analysts to address industrial and commercial accidents and incidents, property-related problems, and environmental, safety and industrial hygiene issues.

Raleigh, NC, US

North Carolina State University

Power supplies, lighting ballasts, converters, circuits and components. Speciality in packaging (physical implementation). Professor/researcher with 25 years, >100 publications and have been deposed twice. No trial experience.

Nationwide, , US

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St. Paul, MN, US

University Of St. Thomas

Expert in heat transfer and fluid flow. Including human burns, medical or otherwise. Some expertise in patent and intellectual property law.  Expert in medical devices, particularly those dealing with heating or cooling of the body or those dealing with blood flow. Also expert in clean and renewable energy generation.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Orange, MA, US

RDS Associates

Over 40 years as a Chemical and Control Systems Engineer. Skilled in all aspect of SCADA and DCS-based automation and control systems for petroleum and chemical industry. Registered Patent Agent.

Chelmsford, ESSEX, GB

Splendid Engineering

A chartered energy engineer, chartered mechanical engineer and chartered environmentalist with 24 years’ experience applying sustainability principles in a wide range of sectors including advising on organisational change, sustainability for manufacturing, for energy systems and in the built environment. A creative thinker and inspirational leader passionate about change for good.  Brings vision, energy, creativity, personal integrity and commitment. Experience as expert witness in industrial tribunal in USA relating to product design and engineering of plastic automotive systems.

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Energy is the ability to do work. It may express itself in different forms; kinetic and potential energy and the ability to do mechanical work; thermal, chemical and electromagnetic energy; nuclear energy, and various other forms. Power is the time rated expenditure of energy.