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EMERGENCY MEDICINE - The branch of medicine concerned with the provision of immediate treatment to the acutely ill or injured. Emergency medicine is a branch of medicine that is practiced in a hospital emergency department, in the field (in a modified form; see EMS), and other locations where initial medical treatment of illness takes place.

Chairman Expert Witnesses:

Medford, NY, US

PRC Professional Records Consulting

Over 30 years of continuous clinical practice as R.N. Diverse practice includes: Intravenous Infusion, Home Care, Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing. Standards of Care, Medical Records Review

Executive Expert Witnesses:

Beverly Hills, CA, US

Forensic Psychiatrist/Expert Witness

Nationally known psychiatrist/Expert Witness with a winning record in over 200 cases-including many high profile!  A Board Certified psychiatrist, on the Clinical Faculty at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute, with a well-respected record of expert witness testimony -- for plaintiff and defense, in civil and criminal cases. Her unique ability to look far beneath the surface to uncover psychological evidence that makes or breaks a case, makes her invaluable. Her testimony in many hi-profile cases has garnered national recognition, including: the Jenny Jones Talk Show Murder Trial (defense for Jonathan Schmitz), Celebrity divorces (Roseanne, Jim Carrey, Jean-Claude Van Dam), Paternity cases against NBA players, and High school shooting victims' cases against videogame manufacturers.  

Professional Expert Witnesses:

Gulf Shores, AL, US

Medicolegal Consulting

- Medical malpractice - Medical chart review and issue clarification - Workers compensation - Pharmaceutical product liability - Health care law - Nursing home negligence

Milwaukee, WI, US

PA Experts Network

Physician Assistant PA Expert Witness Jeff Nicholson PA-C, Ph.D. for all cases involving physician assistants. 48 hour PA Expert placement in any medical specialty nationwide through his PA Experts Network.

El Paso, TX, US

KPG Medical - Legal Consulting

15 years of nursing experience in multiple disciplines and 11 years of experience in the specialized area of OB/GYN make this nurse a strong expert capable of providing excellent litigation support. Her strong communication skills make her an ideal candidate for Medical Record Reviews involving a wide area of nursing issues.

Associate Expert Witnesses:

Oley, PA, US


EW #13617 is a full-time ER doctor with over 52,000 hours of ER experience, and an experienced expert witness, having testified for both sides in civil and criminal cases since 1990.

Chesterfield, MO, US

Board Certified Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine malpractice/negligence review and testimony, plaintiff and defense. Hospital attending staff physician, university assistant clinical professor

Los Angeles, CA, US

Bronston Expert Consultant

National Chairman, Ethics Committee of the American College of Medical Quality, Emergency Medicine and Medical Consulting Services.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Plastic Surgeon & Attorney. M.D., Johns Hopkins. Former Medical School Chief. Superb credentials, articulate. Case review, litigation support, expert witness testimony for plaintiff or defense.

Crestwood, KY, US

Vaughn Veterinary Services, Inc.

EW #5016 is a full member of the Ky Board of Vet Examiners, and he hears defendant and plaintiff testimony regularly. Thus he is qualified to serve your client be they veterinarian or pet owner.

Toledo, OHIO, US

Emergency Services Consultants, Ltd.

Emergency Services Consultants is an organization designed to provide consultation in the fields of fire department operations, emergency medical services, rescue operations, and law enforcement.

Montreal, QUEBEC, CA

Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital

EW #14310 is an Assistant Professor at McGill University and member of the Quebec Society of Medical Experts. Significant medicolegal experience in defending physicians and representing patients as plaintiffs.

Woburn, MA, US

Cardiothoracic Nurse with 27 years experience, legal nurse consultant.

Birmingham, AL, US

Paramedic 20 plus yrs. with interest in EMS issues and pre-hospital care. Special interest in EMS and safety at equestrian venues.

Hillsboro, MO, US

The Ludwig Group, LLC

A much sought-after consultant, national speaker, writer, and expert on fire and EMS systems designs, standards of care, and practices.

Leesville, LOUISIANA, US

Combining the highest level credential in respiratory care with 30 years experience will provide you with what I believe to be the most reliable expert witness in this field you can find.

Denver, CO, US


AMmd provides attorneys, insurers, and institutions with prompt, cost-effective case review.

Houston, TX, US

Baylor College Of Medicine

Author of 800 scientific papers published in leading medical journals. Topics include, but are not limited to, Migraine, Dementia, Stroke, and Head Injury.

Cement City, MI, US

25 years of expertise, Nationally Board Certified Physician Assistant in family practice, urgent care medicine and emergency medicine. Consulting Available Nationwide

El Paso, TX, US

Providence Emergency Physicians P.A.

A practicing board-certified emergency physician providing litigation support throughout the United States; 15 years experience as medical director of a high volume emergency room.

Jamestown, NC, US

Norco, CA, US

-18 years experience -11 years as Critical Care RN in both trauma & medical/surgical ICUs -7 years in documentation review, chart audits & QA

Tucson, AZ, US

Emergency Medicine Litigation Analysts, Inc


Austin, TEXAS, US

Larry Bradford, CPA

Certified and has over 25 years experience in litigation involving business valuations, economic damages, asset tracings, breach of fiduciary duty in a wide variety of industries.

Philadelphia, PA, US

I. Stephen Brown, DDS, PC (The Perio Group)

EW #4475 has a private practice in Philadelphia,is Professor of Periodontics at U. of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine and Director, Dental Implant Center at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Frankfort, ILLINOIS, US

Board Certified Residency trained Emergency Medicine Physician. I have extensive emergency medicine experience (16 years). Have worked at both Level 1 and level 2 trauma centers.

Biloxi,, MS, US

Emed Consulting, LLC

Oklahoma City, OK, US

Gregg J. Eichman, D.O., P.C.

Medical Expert Witness. Practicing 10 years. Eight years teaching resident physicians (past 4 as Residency Director). Two Osteopathic Medical School Professorships. Board Certified Family Practice.

Berkeley, CA, US

AMFS, Inc. (American Medical Forensic Specialists)

since 1990 and through 60,000 cases has provided exemplary in house case evaluation services and provisions of medical expert witnesses from our panel of over 6,200 specialists nationwide.

Bloomington, IN, US

Emergency Medical And Safety Services Consultants

Dr. Haskell is the Director of Emergency Medical and Safety Services Consultants and an active paramedic and firefighter. With 20 years in EMS he holds instructorships in PHTLS, ACLS, PEPP, PALS, BCLS

Los Angeles, CA, US

Plaintiff and defense review for all aspects of vascular surgery

Beverly Hills, CA, US

John Levin, MD., Inc

Jackson, MS, US

JD.MD, Inc.

Medical and Dental Malpractice U.S. and Canada: Case Evaluations and Expert Witnesses since 1978

La Salle, MI, US

Moore Consulting, L.L.C. -- A Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

Critical Care Nurse and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Experienced with both plaintiff and defense cases. No added fees for rush services.

Oakland, CA, US

EW #767 has been an Emergency Physician, Department Medical Director, General Practitioner and Medical Legal Consultant for over 25 years.

Olyphant, PA, US

Tom Sawchak 's Action Inc Of Pennsylvania

Experienced national tested medical/vocational expert-20years,over $10million case awards in last 2 years analysis

Sacramento, CA, US

Benchmark Medical Consultants, Inc.

Since 1988 we have provided turnkey support services for our nationwide network of 1,400 accredited, board-certified physicians covering more than 250 medical specialties.

Elizabeth City, NC, US

West Island Medical Group

Over 14 years of clinical practice.

Houston, TX, US

1st Online Malpractice Consultations

Board Certified Physicians and Attorneys provide online medical malpractice consultation, referrals, and support services for patients, attorneys and adjusters.

Bayside, NY, US

National Medical Consultants, P.C.

We are the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the nation.

Poughkeepsie, NY, US

The Children's Medical Group PLLC

In full time pracitice & is Medical Director of a 20 member pediatric group. He has 18 yrs experience in medical malpractice review, deposition, & trial for plaintiff and defense.

Pasadena, CA, US

Mercy Steenwyk, Director

Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.

Foster City, CA, US

Emergency Medicine Expert

26 years in Emergency Medicine, Board Certified Emergency Physician. Residency training in General Surgery.

Brunswick, GA, US

Hill & Associates

Expert Registered Legal Nurse Consultant for consultations, record review, medical malpractice, etc.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Emergency Medicine Experts

Board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine , more than 14,000 hours of clinical practice, licensed in NV & CA, medical malpractice expert, impecable record.

East Longmeadow, MASSACHUSETTS, US

Arete Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Managing Partner, Ryan O'Gowan, MBA, PA-C, FCCM is a seasoned professional with over a decades' worth of experience in healthcare. His honors include fellowship in the prestigious American College of Critical Care Medicine, one of only six PAs ever to earn that title. Past managerial contributions include the founding of a post graduate critical care residency program, and the active management of a 50+ person critical care NP/PA workgroup. His leadership contributions include numerous professional and national committees concerning both critical care, and physician assistant practice. An expert in the field, he is a published author and national expert on Physician Assistant practice, having authored practice briefs for the National Commission on the Certification of the Physician Assistant, and authoring multiple pieces for the Society of Critical Care Medicine.  He is also an expert on medical contract negotiation, authoring a book chapter on the subject for SCCM.    


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Emergency medicine is a branch of medicine that is practiced in a hospital emergency department, in the field (in a modified form; see EMS), and other locations where initial medical treatment of illness takes place.

Emergency medicine focuses on diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries that require immediate care. While not usually providing long-term care, EM physicians and pre-hospital personnel still provide care with the aim of improving long-term patient outcome. In the United States, some people use the emergency department for outpatient care that could be provided at a doctor's office. As a result, much of emergency room care is plain old good general practice (coughs, colds, aches, pains). These non-emergency conditions are better treated in an urgent care center, which treats patients who desire immediate care, but do not reach the acuity that requires care in an emergency department.