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Northwestern University School of Law,  Chicago,  IL ( 2015-2017:  MSL expected in 2017)

  • Area of Specialization:  Workplace Discrimination,  the role of statistical evidence in court

Columbia University,  Department of Psychology,  NYC,  NY ( 1982-1989)  M.Phil,  Ph.D.

  • Area of Specialization:  experimental social psychology

University of Chicago,  Division of Social Sciences,  Chicago,  IL ( 1979-1980)  M.A.

  • Area of Specialization:  research methodology in behavioral science

Goddard College,  Plainfield VT,  credits transferred from Dickinson College ( 1974-1976)  B.A.

  • Major:  creative arts psychotherapy
Major Work Experience:

CEO & Principal Consultant

  • Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment,  Inc.  ( EMPA)  Chelsea,  MI ( 4/98-present)

Instructor ( teaching classes on survey design,  statistics,  and research methodology)

  • Institute for Social Research,  Survey Research Ctr.,  Summer Institute,  University of Michigan ( 7/09-present)

Lecturer ( teaching classes on survey design,  statistics,  and research methodology)

  • School of Public Health,  University of Michigan ( 9/08-4/14)  [ intermittent teaching on Recall Status until 2016]

Expert Witness

  • Employee discrimination,  surveys & assessments,  contract disputes requiring statistical analysis ( 9/03-present)
Supplementary Work Experience:

Team Director & Senior Consultant

  • Hewlett-Packard,  formerly EDS-Survey Services ( 8/91-11/96)

Assistant Research Scientist

  • Cognitive Science & Machine Intelligence Lab,  University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor,  ( 3/93-12/99)

Adjunct Research Scientist

  • National Quality Research Center,  University of Michigan Business School,  Ann Arbor ( 6/97-6/98)

Research Assistant

  • Computer Science Department,  Watson Research Center,  IBM,  Yorktown,  NY ( 8/86-4/87)

Research Assistant

  • Psychology Department,  Yale University,  New Haven,  CT ( 12/81-9/82)
Additional Experience:
  • Served as consultant ( ~30 years)  designed & analyzed assessments for more than 7 million employees in over 70 countries
  • Held managerial positions ( ~20 years)  in academic,  industrial,  and research settings
  • Lectured at Columbia University on experimental psychology,  social psychology,  and statistics
  • Wrote and patented four web-based assessments and surveys for the workplace
  • Provided survey services for corporations ( e.g.,  Disney,  FedEx,  Mars,  Credit Suisse,  Coke,  GM,  UPS,  Ford,  Duke Energy)
  • Provided survey services for non-profits & government agencies ( e.g.,  US Department of Justice,  Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Provided survey services for healthcare industry ( e.g.,  Harvard Pilgrim HC,  Pfizer,  Novo Nordisk,  Univ.  of Michigan HS,)
  • Conducted a statistical analysis of utilization rates among psychiatric patients for Billings Hospital,  University of Chicago
  • Interviewed by Forbes Magazine on EMPA’s National Benchmark Study™ and Benchmarks™;  Forbes.Com ( 08/24/09)
  • Testified to Congress on DOJ study examining the relation between working conditions,  motivation,  and job performance
Litigation Experience:

Burns v.  Interstate Brands Corporation ( AKA Hostess Bakeries);  expert witness for D ( settled ~ 5/9/04)

  • Ran statistical analysis of job assignments for evidence of disparate impact ( DI)  and/or disparate treatment ( DT).

Tower Automotive Products v.  Lamb Technicon;  expert witness for D ( settled ~ 8/31/05)

  • Ran statistical tests of 4 million datapoints tracking assembly-line failures in breach of contract suit.

[Corp.  A]  v.  [ Corp.  B]  expert witness for D testified to ICC’s International Court of Arbitration in The Hague ( settled ~ 2/10/12)

  • Analyzed psychometric properties of assessment P used to compute monetary damages in breach of contract suit.

Scott v.  City of Indianapolis;  expert witness on behalf of the Ps ( settled ~ 7/19/12)

  • Ran statistical analysis of data from Human Resources Information System ( HRIS)  to evaluate Ps’ claim of DI based on race.
  • Withstood Daubert challenge:  3-25-2010 US District Court,  S.D.  IN,  Indianapolis Division.

American Postal Workers Union,  AFL-CIO v.  United States Postal Service;  expert witness for P ( settled ~ 3/7/13)

  • Ran statistical analysis of 111 postal workers who did or did not receive letter of intent regarding job relocation,  for DI analysis

EEOC v.  Bass Pro Inc.;  expert witness for P and the EEOC ( settled ~ 3/4/2014)

  • Designed a cross-validated assessment for verifying race of several hundred job applicants to remediate exclusion of P’s expert

Sweeney v.  Washington Board of Pilotage;  expert witness for P ( settled ~ 10/1/14)

  • Ran statistical tests of 1.03 million datapoints from pilot’s licensing test for evidence of sex discrimination

Cardelle et al.  v.  Miami Fraternal Order of Police;  expert witness for P ( settled ~ 11/25/2015)

  • Ran statistical tests of 221K datapoints from pension payments & HRIS for evidence of age discrimination

Grevera v.  Microsoft Inc.;  expert witness for P ( settled ~ 8/29/14)

  • Ran statistical tests of 4.9 million datapoints from job evaluations & HRIS for evidence of sex discrimination
  • Withstood Daubert Challenge ( details sealed).

EEOC v.  FAPS;  expert witness for P and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( still in litigation)

  • Designed and implemented a cross-validated assessment for determining race of 900 job applicants by mail,  for DI analysis
  • Withstood Daubert challenge:  9-26-14 US District Court,  District of NJ

US v.  City of Jacksonville [ FL];  expert witness for D ( still in litigation)

  • Ran statistical tests of 179 million datapoints from promotion exams & HRIS for evidence of disparate impact
  • Withstood 3 Daubert challenges ( one written by Asst.  AG of US):  6-9-15 US Dist.  Ct.,  M.D.  FL,  Jacksonville Div
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Honors / Awards:
  • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering ( second edition,  1994-1995)
  • Faculty Fellowship,  Department of Psychology,  Columbia University ( 1982-1987)
  • Scholarship,  French Ministry of Education & Université de la Source,  Orleans,  France ( 1967)
Professional Memberships / Associations / Societies:
  • American Psychology-Law Society
  • Society for Empirical Legal Studies
  • Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists ( SIOP)
  • Society for Public Health Education
  • Association for Psychological Science ( Charter Member)
  • Amer.  Assn.  for Public Opinion Research
Short Description:

Dr.  Morrel-Samuels received an MA in research methodology from the University of Chicago,  as well as an M.  Phil.  and a Ph.D.  in experimental social psychology from Columbia University.  He is one of the few expert witnesses in the country whose work occupies the intersection of three areas:  the psychometrics of assessments design,  statistical analysis of "big data" analytics,  and disparate impact in the workplace.  He has more than 30 years’ experience designing and analyzing assessments for employees in government and large corporations.  He often serves as a Lecturer at the University of Michigan,  where he teaches graduate-level classes on survey design,  statistics,  and research methodology.

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