Alan Buchwald, M.D.

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United States
Personal Data:

Birth date/place: November 9,  1950,  San Francisco 

Mailing Address: P.O.  Box 2289,  Aptos,  California,  95001(larger packages or UPS to me at1144 Riverside Road,  Watsonville,  Ca.,  95076)


Phone: 831-596-3583 ( cell);  Landline office phone/FAX 831-620-1156 


High School Education:      Lowell High School-Spring 1968San Francisco,  California 

Undergraduate Education:     BA,  1972,  Northwestern University,Evanston,  Illinois 

Postgraduate Education: MS,  1972,  Northwestern University 

Medical Education:      University of Southern California,  School ofMedicine,  1972-76;  Clinical Training – LosAngeles County/ USC Medical Center 

Foreign Clerkship:     Family Practice,  Dr.  Deborah Bradley-Moore,The Surgery,  Thatcham,  Berkshire,  England,1976 

Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center,  Flexible 1976-77 

Residency:      Emergency Medicine/Surgery,  San Francisco General Hospital,  UCSF,  1978-80 

Hospital Privileges:

Hospital Affiliations:      Active Staff -Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital ( ER & Tox.);  Courtesy Staff-SantaClara Valley Medical Center ( ER);  HonoraryStaff-Watsonville Community Hospital ( Tox.);  Honorary Staff-CHOMP ( Tox.) 

Board Certifications:

Board Certifications: 
Emergency Medicine
Medical Toxicology


Academic Titles and Affiliations: 

Staff Physician Emergency Department Dominican Hospital/ CHW
Medical Director,  Occupational Health Center,  Dominican Hospital/ CHW;  1990-2007




  • Physicians and Surgeon's California G34228;
  • National Boards 169442;
  • P.A.  Supervisor Ca.  SA12654;
  • Disaster Service 9074;
  • BCLS;  ACLS Provider;  ATLS;  NPI# 1174667075;  UPIN# A45835 

Board Certification:      American Board of Emergency Medicine 1981;Recertified 1990-2000;  Recertified 20002010;  Recertified 2010-2020 on 11/15/10 

Contract Experience:      Santa Cruz Emergency Physicians MedicalGroup,  Inc.  1992-2011;  CEP America 2012(at Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital/CHW) 

Other Appointments:      State Department of Industrial Relations –Qualified Medical Examiner for EmergencyMedicine and Medical Toxicology 1992-2012;Certification Examination 6/29/94;Qualified Expert Reviewer Medical Board ofCalifornia 1996-2012 ( 2 year reappointments) 



Clinical Training and Experience:      

Over 30 years of Clinical Toxicology in the Emergency Department and multi-level interactions with Regional Poison Control Centers;  Preceptorship in Medical Toxicology,  San Francisco Regional PoisonControl Center and SFGH/UCSF 1985-1987;Toxicology Fellowship,  April 1987;Consultant to SJ Poison Center 1993;  MedicalDirector,  Dominican Occupational Health Center 1991-2007. 

Board Certification:      American Board of Medical Toxicology 1987(Lifetime)  American Board of Emergency Medicine-Medical Toxicology Subspecialty  Certification 1999-2009;  Recertified 2008-2018 

Other Certification:      Medical Review Officer by MROCC 1996-2001 Certification in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Series-UCSF 1997 

Special Honors:     Salerni Collegium ( 1976);  Lifetime member Alpha Gamma Chapter-Phi Lambda Upsilon National Honorary Chemical Society 


Community Service:

Community Service:     President Santa Cruz County Medical Society2001-2002;  Community Member – Santa Cruz County Integrated Pest Management Departmental Advisory Group 2001-2002;  President,  Santa Cruz Community Health care Network Corp.  2001-2005;  Co-sponsor and Panelist at the Summit on the Uninsured ( CFSCC)  6/02;  Physician support Big Kahuna Triathalon 9/02;  Heightened Surveillance Committee,  Monterey County Health Dept.  2002-2005;  Chemical Hazards Forum,  Cabrillo College,  10/04;  SCCMS Mediation Committee 20072012;  SC County Medical Reserve Corps 2007-2012 Volunteer,  Big Sur International Marathon 2012;UCSC Biology and Health Careers Panel,  5/2012 

Research Activities:

Academic Research:      Alternate Synthesis of Santonin,  Master's Thesis,  Northwestern University 1971 Hydroxocobalamin Cyanide Antidote Study ( part of a multicenter national study)  1990-1994.Associate Investigator,  Intravenous Silibinin Legalon®SIL for Amatoxin Induced Hepatic Failure,  Started July,,  ID# NCT00915681 

Teaching Appointments:

Academic Appointments: University of Utah School of Medicine and Teaching Department of Family and Preventive Medicine;  Volunteer Clinical FacultyAppointment for the Rocky Mountain Centerfor Occupational and Environmental HealthOccupational Medicine ResidencyPreceptorship –2000-2003;  Member UCSC Institutional Bio-Safety Committee 2003-07 


Affiliations:      California Medical Association,  Committee on Environmental and Occupational Medicine 1986-1990;  American Academy of Clinical Toxicology 1988-2012;  Tri County Hazardous Materials Advisory Council 1988-1996;  ACEPToxicology Section 1990-1999;  American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1991-2007;The British Toxicology Society 1992-2010;  Member International Commission on Occupational Health1993-07;  American College of Medical Toxicology 1993-12;  Aerospace Medicine Assn.  ( Space Medicine Branch)  1993-2012;  Western Occupational and Environmental Medical Assn.(WOEMA)  1992-07;  American College of Legal Medicine 1996-12 

Lectures / Speeches:

Lectures Given:      Prior to 2001 on request –Toxicology Update,  ROP Paramedics –4/01,11/01,4/02,11/02,3/03,10/03,4/04,11/04,4/05,11/05,4/06,11/06,3/07,11/07,4/08,12/08,4/09,11/09,4/10,11/10,3/11,11/11,4/12,12/12;  Cancer/Firefight,  Aptos LaSelva FD for Comm.  T.V.  of S.Cruz Cty 3/01;Grand Rounds Dominican,  Chemical Terrorism-Sarin VX Poisoning in Japan,  11/01 also at GrandRounds CHOMP,  12/01;  Healthcare Access Santa Cruz-Scotts Valley Rotary 9/02;  Workers’ Comp.-MD’s Viewpoint,  Matrix Lecture,  San Jose,  3/04;Black Widow Spider,  DSCH Grand Rds,  12/06;  Amanita Phalloides Poisoning,  DSCH,  1/07;  DSCHGrand Rds,  Update Poisoning & Drug Overdose,  2/08. 


CMEs:      Prior to 2000 on request:  CMA Bioterrorism Conf.,  S.C.  11/01;QME CMEs 7/02;  BCLS and ACLS 2002;  Recert.  ATLS 2003;  PainCMEs ( list available on request-12.5 Cat.  I credits)1/04;Mark I EMS Training 4/04;  ACOEM Practice Guidelines,  SF,6/04;  SB899 WC System in Calif.Conf.,  Watsonville,  6/04;Elliot-Lopez QME reviews,  6/04;  AMA Guides 101,  CWCI,  SF,10/04;UCOP Risk Summit on WC,  3/05;  AMA Guides,  AAEME and UC,SF,7/05;  Western Occup.  Health Conf.,  Monterey 9/05;  ER Airway Mgt,  Med America,  DH/CHW,  9/05;  Rheumatoid Arthritis,MMC,  Aptos,  10/05;  NACCT SF,  10/06;  ACLS 12/06;  Agitated Delerium,  SC Sheriff’s,  4/07;  OP Poisoning 8/08;  Botulism,  Monterey Cty.  Health,  10/08;  NIH Protecting Human Res.,  9/09 UCSF,  Northern California Emergency Ultrasound,  3/10;  Beacon Collaborative 2010 Annual Conference “Spotlight onthe patient”,  4/10;  ACMT,  Forensic Toxicology:  Ethanoland Marijuana,  12/10;  UCSF High Sierra WildernessMedicine,  3/11;  16th Annual Pediatrics Symposium –Dominican Hospital/CHW,  4/11;  ER Ultrasonography course,  Highland Hospital,  Alameda County Medical Ctr,  6/11;CEP Northern California Conf.,  4/12 


Publications:      "Naloxone Use:  Side Effects May Occur" Annals of Emergency Medicine 1988;  17:7,  765;  "Cyanide Toxicity" Annals of Emergency Medicine 1989;18:11,  1257;  "Amanita Poisoning" American Journal of Medicine 1989;  87,  702;  "Saliva Teststrips for Alcohol Testing" Annals of Emergency Medicine1990;  19:3,  342-343;  "The Osmolal Gap" Hospital Physician 1990;  26:3,  8 ( correction 26:4,  11);"Occupational Dermal Myiasis" Journal of Occupational Medicine 1992;  34:9,  872-873;"Extensive Palm Thorn Hematoma With Associated Hematuria" American Journal of Emergency Medicine1994;  12:2,  259-260;  ‘Methyl Bromide-An Issue ofRisk/Benefit” SCCMA 4/97;  3:4,  16-19;  ‘Benzene’,In:  Olson KR,  ed.  Poisoning &Drug Overdose,  3rd Edition.  Appleton & Lange,  1999 104-105;“Excuses for Marijuana Smokers” Forensic DrugAbuse Advisor 1999;  11:1,  7;  “Mephenytoin Overdose-Phenytoin Poisoning Incognito? Case Report and Mephenytoin/Phenytoin Comparison”Journal of Toxicology-Clinical Toxicology 2000;38:7,  781-785;  “Intentional Overdose of DMSA inthe Course of Treatment for Arsenic Poisoning”Journal of Toxicology-Clinical Toxicology 2001;39:1,113-114;  “Letter to the Editor-Marijuana Patch” FDAA 2001;13:2,  16;  “Late Confirmation of Acute Methyl Bromide Poisoning Using S-Methylcysteine Adduct Testing” Veterinary and Human Toxicology 2001;  43:4,  208-211;  ‘Copper’,In:  Olson,K ed.  Poisoning & Drug Overdose,  4rd Edition.  Appleton & Lange,  2004,  175-177;“Poisoning by an Illegally Imported Chinese Rodenticide Cont.  Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine-New York City,  2002”,  MMWR 3/14/03,  52(10);199201,  data Acknowledgment;  ‘Copper’,  In:  Olson,  K ed.  Poisoning & Drug Overdose,  5th Edition.  Appleton & Lange,  2007,  174-176 and 6th Edition,  2012,  185-187;“Serum Copper Elevation from From Estrogen effect,Masquerading as Fungicide Toxicity” Journal of  Medical Toxicology,  Vol 4,#1,  3/08,  30;  “Spurge Contact Dermatitis” Journal of Emergency Medicine,  Epub 9/16/09;  hard copy 40(6),6/11,  680-681;  2012 Spring Qtr.  CEP Toxicology Review,  4/12                            

Journal Review:      Expert reviewer for the Journal of MedicalToxicology,  2009-2012. 

Expert Testimony:

Legal Experience:  ( Depositions and Trial only -tracking from 2001) 

  1. Med.Malpractice Deposition ( as expert ER,    Plaintiff)  Cranmer v.  Kaiser 6/28/01
  2. Civil Deposition ( as expert tox.,plaintiff)Kennebeck v.  Hall 7/12/01 ( arsenic and OPs)
  3. W.C.  Deposition ( as treating MD)  Applicant v.WMA/Octagon 39876-13-178,  2/5/02 
  4. Louise Bowman v.  Kaiser – MedMal Deposition ( as ER expert,  Plaintiff,  9/12/03
  5. Paul Yago,  Santa Cruz Superior Court(as treaterin ER)  Civil case,  2/4/04
  6. Vasquez v.  Freightliner – Deposition for Plantiff,  Civil case,  2/20/04;  Trial AlamedaSuperior Court,  4/6/04
  7. Bettencourt v.  Carson Develop.  – Deposition ( as prior Consultant/ Tox.  Expert),Civil case,11/05
  8. Chavez v.  E.  Lamazor & A.  Uyeno – DepositionMedMal/ER expert,  Plantiff,  10/18/07
  9. Lee v.  UC Davis – Deposition WC AME Tox.,11/10/09
  10. Gomes v.  Cook,  et al – Deposition,  Tox.  Expert,    Plantiff,  11/11/09
  11. Marrs v.  Kaiser – Deposition,  ER and Tox.  Expert,  Plaintiff,  11/19/09;  Arbitration12/9/2009
  12. Zhu v.  Ketcham – Deposition,  Tox.  Expert,  Defense,  8/13/2010 

References ( Medical/Legal,  since 2006): 

  1. Harold J.  Truett,  III;  Winchell & Truett,  207 Powell Street6th Floor,  San Francisco,  Ca.,  94102 ( Plantiff)
  2. James Rumm,  Law Offices of Federico Castelan Sayre,  900 N.Broadway,  4th Floor,  Santa Ana,  Ca.,  92701 ( Plantiff)
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  15. David Fulton,  Cartwright,  Scruggs,  Fulton & Walther,  340Soquel Ave.,  #215,  Santa Cruz,  Ca.,  95062 ( Plantiff) 

Hobbies/Sports:      Veteran Foil Fencer with 25 years experience;  USFA National rating C-11;  Gold medal age-group Men’s Foil,  Canadian American Veterans Cup,Kingston,  Ontario,  May 2011;  Silver medal,Veteran’s Mixed Foil,  Pacific Coast Championships,  San Rafael,  May 2011;  Goldmedal,  Veteran’s Mixed Foil,  UFF Summer Nationals,  Las Vegas,  June 2011;  Lt.  Col.  DonAppling Veteran’s Foil,  2011 Champion-Gold Medalist,  Honolulu,  Hi.  October 2011;  8th place Duel in the Desert,  Vets.  Foil,  LV,  Jan.  2012;6th place medal,  ROC Stro Memorial Vets.  Foil,  Pasadena,  April 2012;  Bronze medal Senior Foil and Silver medal,  HIFA Team Foil,  Hawaii State Fencing Championships,  Waikiki,  May 2012;  Silver Medal,  Lt.  Colonel Don Appling Veteran Foil,  October 2012. 

Engagement Details:

General Engagement Details:

Lien arrangements not accepted. 

Retainer required; minimum retainer is  $2,500 for any case.

General Rate:  $295/hr;

Deposition/Court Rate:  $495/hr;

Travel Rate: $125/hr. 

Travel costs related to Deposition or in Court dates must be prepaid,  or Deposition must occur in Santa Cruz or Monterey County.

Charge for appointments missed without a 24 hour cancellation notice will be $295.00.  

No insurance accepted. 

*** Detailed Fee Schedule sent on request


Updated:  December 2012