Surgery - Colorectal Expert Witnesses

United States
New York
PRC Professional Records Consulting
Over 40+ years of continuous clinical practice as R.N.  Diverse practice includes:  Intravenous Infusion,  Home Care,  Clinical Research Protocols,Adjunct Staff University and Medical Surgical Nursing.  Standards of Care,  Medical Records Review
United States
West Virginia
Dr.  Stephen Cohen is board certified in both General and Colon and Rectal Surgery.  He has nearly 3 decades of medical legal work and has a reputation for honest,  fair,  and impartial review.  Dr.  Cohen has reviewed cases for both the plaintiff and defense and has the unique ability to explain,  teach,  and educate both you and the jury if necessary.  He been named 'Top Doctor' in Atlanta for several consecutive years and remains in full time practice as Director of Acute Care Surgery,  as well as Associate Clinical Professor at the West Virginia Osteopathic School.