Material Handling Expert Witnesses

United States
Lago Vista
Loeffler Engineering Group
47 Years Expertise,  Belt Conveyor and Bulk Materials Handling Systems Design,  20 years of Forensic Engineering experience,  Personal Injury,  Conveyor Fires,  Product Liability,  Restraint of Trade,  & Real Estate Asset Appraisal.
United States
Administrative Services, LLC.
40 years in the Material Handling industry.  Expert in 29 cases;  24 cases won prior to trial,  5 pending.  Lift Truck Certified Safety Trainer.  Have written operator training programs and edited videos.  Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and WSO.  Hosts Lift Truck Operator Training and Train The Trainer Classes Rate chart,  C.V.  and list of Attorney referneces available via email or fax.  Available 24/7 and will travel as required.
United States
Los Gatos
Blue Silk Consulting
Ms.  Coates is the President of Blue Silk Consulting.  She is a seasoned executive with an MBA,  25+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management,  Project Management and ERP Systems Consulting.  Ms.  Coates has consulted with global and domestic clients on systems and processes.  She has considerable international experience and has worked for extended periods in Asia and Europe.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing and outsourcing in China.  She has authored an Top Seller book:  42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China.  ( Oct,  2009)