Banking Expert Witnesses

United States
San Diego
30+ years of commercial/residential real estate lending experience in major southwest US markets.  10+ years of management experience in a commercial banking environment.  Expert in underwriting,  documentation and administration of real estate portfolios.  Expert in early detection and work out of problem assets,  loss mitigation,  bankruptcy,  OREO.  Extensive lending experience with local,  regional and national home builders.  Excellent business development,  negotiation,  credit analysis and presentation skills.  Ability to create high yielding production offices and build efficient,  productive and cohesive teams.
United States
San Antonio
B & F Experts
40+ years financial institutions experience including 17+ years as President / CEO / Director & 6+ years Mortgage Company director.  34+ years of loan experience:  real estate, mortgage,  warehousing,  construction,  business,  consumer,  international,  SBA,  L/C.  Other areas:  brokers,  operations,  fraud,  check processing,  lender liability,  policies & procedures, compliance,  fiduciary duties,  officer/director conduct.  15+ years of leadership in banking trade associations at the state and national levels.  175+ nationwide cases including FDIC, State of California,  banks & non-banks.